How To Pick Kids School Shoes That They Will Love

Shopping For New Kids School Shoes? 

Look no further! Everflex has a huge range of footwear that is suitable for the classroom for any year level. If you are shopping for classic lace-ups, mary jane styles or even trainers, we have you covered. Make Everflex your one-stop shop when it comes to kids school shoes.

Making Your Life Easier


We know better than anyone how hard it can be when shopping for leather school shoes, it’s a task in itself getting your little one to cooperate when trying clothing and footwear on. So when it comes to kids shoes, that’s simply out of the question! 

Well, don’t worry, we are here to help make your life a little easier. Tick this task off from your to-do list quicker than you expected by following our tips and tricks to finding the best kids school shoes online!

Find The Right Style


First off, work out which footwear style would be best suited for your kids casual shoes, a lace-up or touch-fastening option. Your answer here should be a quick and easy one! Is your child old enough or able to tie his or her laces? If the answer is no, then you should opt for a touch-fastening option. See, quick and easy!

Touch-Fastening Styles


As we said, this footwear favourite is great for your little ones who still have not mastered how to tie their laces. Send your little ones off with a piece of mind knowing that they won’t be fiddling with any kids lace or asking for help continuously throughout the day. 

The beauty of a touch-fastening option is that your little one has the independence to adjust and secure their black leather footwear all on their own without the help of a parent, teacher or classmate. 

Since these comfortable durable shoes are so easy to slip in and out of, adjust and secure, they are perfect for your hectic, crazy mornings trying to get everyone out the door in one piece! Feel better knowing that your little one can slip these on, adjust and secure and they’ll be on their way, no need for you to worry about tripping over loose lace up school shoe.

Our touch-fastening styles come in a range of styles, including a classic dress-shoe style, trainer style and mary jane style. Find these styles in glossy or matt finishes in classic black classroom fashion. So whether you are shopping for your little girls mary jane shoes or young boys school, you can be sure to find the perfect kids school shoes at Everflex.

Classic Lace-Ups


Although touch-fastening footwear may be a great option for children, if you are shopping for your child who are junior kids and has mastered tying laces, then classic lace-ups are the kid's school shoes for you!

Not only are these kids athletic shoes smart and classic, but they are also functional and versatile. You may not think it, but these lace up shoes aren’t only limited to the classroom! Dress your children up in these dress shoes for any special event (boys in particular), complete his suit attire with a pair of these popular brands classroom classics. 

Or if your teenage child has started a part-time job, then these are the perfect casual shoe! Most casual jobs that require a uniform, require staff to wear enclosed footwear, and you guessed it, lace-ups are the answer. 

Seamlessly go from the classroom leather school shoes to work in these kids shoes online. Just like our touch-fastening styles, our lace-ups come in different matt or glossy finishes, rounded toes, small heel inclines and trendy lace-up features keeping your senior girls looking as smart as ever!

Apart from classroom senior black classics, our lace-ups come in trainer styles too, which are perfect for sports days and after-school sports activities. Our white trainer lace ups sneakers feature padded heels and additional padding at the ankles, which is great for support while moving and running. 

These trainers are lightweight, airy and breathable making them equally suitable for the playground and classroom. You can find these kids sneakers in black or white, so there is no doubt that these black lace-ups wouldn’t be equally acceptable for the classroom either.

Leather Or Synthetic


There always has and always will be the heated debate amongst parents, is it better to choose leather or synthetic kids black school shoes?

Well, the reality is, it all comes to personal preference. Some parents choose leather footwear for the classroom because of their reputation to withstand the active lifestyles of your child and will ultimately be a long and hardwearing kids black footwear option. 

However, nowadays, synthetic made kids school shoes are made just as well as their leather counterparts and are just as long and hardwearing. These days leather lace-ups have a much cheaper price tag, no longer are parents expected to pay an arm and a leg for leather kids shoes, they sit on par with synthetic footwear. So, real leather vs synthetic kids school shoes are the same when it comes to price.

Shop Consciously!


The great thing about our synthetic kid's school shoes is the fact that they are 100 per cent vegan friendly, so if you are shopping consciously, then these are the kid's athletic shoe for you!

As we said, it all comes down to personal preference, however, you can be sure that you will find the best options of leather and synthetic fabric kids brown school shoes at Everflex at the most reasonable prices.

What Are You Waiting For? Start Shopping!


As we said, at Everflex, we’re here to help! Make your way over and find size guides for the perfect kids school shoes for your little ones. Now that you’ve got all of our top tips and tricks up your sleeve in finding the best fit for your child, nothing is stopping you!

Do yourself a favour and stick to our tips and you can guarantee that you will find the right footwear for the classroom. Ensure your little ones are dressed in style and complete comfortable kids socks in Everflex’s range of kids school shoes!