How To Make Your School Shoes Last!

Do your kids tend to ruin their school shoe before they outgrow them?

Are you looking for ways to cut down the costs of replacing styles? If you want to extend the life of your child’s school shoes, then Everflex has some quick tips to help you out. We know all the ins-and-outs of material maintenance that will keep a pair looking like new, as well as some easy tricks to help any student’s footwear feel comfy.

Do you want to know our secrets? Invest in care products!

Any of our care products can revitalize your school shoes! If you want to give your current pair a new lease on life, then here are few ways to do it:

The best way to maintain your school shoes is to keep them clean

At Everflex, we can offer you the assistance of our Instant Shine Sponge. Keeping school shoes clean is the best way to maintain material integrity and stop them from breaking down before their time. Instant Shine is a dry sponge that can clear off dirt, marks, and messes in seconds. Unlike other liquid-based cleaners, this sponge stops removes the risk of stains and other messes. So, if you don’t want to throw out another pair of school shoes because of material issues, then this is a great place to start!  

Are you the sort to buy too-big styles so that kids can grow into them?

You’d be surprised by how many parents choose to get big school shoes without realizing the consequences. While it’s understandable to save money this way when your children are getting frequent growth spurts, some problems come with oversized styles. Namely, kids tend to trip, slip, or get blisters from school shoes that don’t fit. If you don’t want this pair to get worn down, then the solution is to correct the fit with innersoles and inserts. Not only do these provide a cushy and comfy base for students to enjoy under their feet, but it inserts also fill the empty spaces in big school shoes. When kids begin to fill out their footwear by themselves, all you need to do is take out the innersoles. It’s as simple as that!

Have poor weather and mess ruined the laces? 

The synthetic or leather material of our school shoes cleans up quickly, but laces are a different story. These can fray, split, and start looking scruffy after a while, especially if kids are too rough when you tie them. And, unfortunately, laces are an incredibly noticeable feature. At Everflex, we offer all sorts of spares for our customers! A fresh set of laces can make your school shoes look brand new. All you need to do is unlace the old ones, get rid of them, and add your replacements in instead. You’ll have good-looking school shoes again before you know it.

Grab yourself a handy shoehorn!

This may not be the care item that comes to mind when you consider buying accessories to help your school shoes last. However, something as simple as a shoehorn can be massively beneficial to the endurance of your newest style. One of the places where school shoes get the most wear is back of the heel. Students scrunch, squish, and crush the material as they try to wiggle their foot inside. With a shoehorn to help guide your feet into your school shoes, you can avoid creasing or flaking in the material and also enjoy a more straightforward fit!

Want to learn more about caring for school shoes?

Enhance the longevity of your classroom footwear with an Everflex accessory! The next time that you buy school shoes add spare laces, innersoles, an Instant Shine sponge, or a shoehorn to your shopping cart!