How To Make Those School Shoes Last Longer!

Do you want to make your child’s school shoes last longer? Parents already need to buy school shoes every time their child hits a growth spurt, so there’s nothing more frustrating than having to replace a pair that breaks down when they still fit. Here at Everflex, we’ve devoted ourselves to bringing customers the longest-lasting styles for the lowest prices. We design our school shoes for the best endurance and also offer some excellent accessories that will help you extend the life of your next pair! Are you eager to hear more? We’ll give you the run-down on right now! Here are our best tips! 


Buy large school shoes and add innersoles! 


This is a time-tested trick that Everflex customer’s last. By buying school shoes a size or two bigger than what your child needs, they’ll have plenty of time to grow into the style and save you some cash in the meantime. But, since they’ll have extra space and you don’t want your kids tripping, we recommend filling the empty space with innersoles. These cosy innersoles will cushion and support your child’s feet and correct the fit of their oversized school shoes at the same time! 


Clean your school shoes regularly! 


One super simple way to extend the life of your child’s footwear is to clean them regularly. A little love and care will keep the material from wearing down before its time, particularly if kids regularly put their school shoes through the works. While our synthetic styles have excellent water resistance, are difficult to mark, and shouldn’t have issues with mud and similar messes, a bit of attention from Everflex’s care accessories will ensure their longevity! So, which products will work best on your child’s school shoes? 


We recommend an Instant Shine Sponge! 


This dry-working sponge will get the grit and grime off your kids’ school shoes with speed and ease. Uncap the lip, give the material a decent scrub, and watch the magic happen! The Instant Shine Sponge is so straightforward to use, you can leave the kids to clean up their footwear themselves. After all, you don’t need to worry about them staining their clothes (or hands), since polish for school shoes won’t be necessary. This handy cleaner is lightweight and easy to store too, so you can tuck in away in a laundry drawer or near your shoe rack when it isn’t in use.  


Replace run-down lace on your school shoes!


The tough and enduring material on our styles is sure to offer long-lasting endurance, but the same can’t always get said for laces. Too much exposure to water, mud, and other messes can eat away at their integrity, leaving fussy, fraying, or falling-apart laces on otherwise flawless school shoes. If this is the case with your child’s pair, then you don’t want to leave them on for too long. Not only are they a bit gross to look at on school shoes, but grime-covered laces are sure to draw scrutiny from strict teachers.

So, what’s the solution? Here at Everflex, we say that the easiest way to deal with fraying laces on school shoes is to replace them with a fresh set. That’s why we have heaps of replacements in our accessories range. We’ve got flat and round, short and long, and black and white laces, so you can easily get a replacement for your child’s sneakers or classroom-ready school shoes. All you need to do is unlace the current ties and loop up the new laces; your child’s set will look good as new! 



We hope you take advantage of these fantastic tips!


Our range of handy accessories will help keep your school shoes in great condition and extend the life of your pair!