How to Make the Most of Your School Shoes!


Help your girls’ school shoes go the distance this season! Everflex is here to help take the struggle out of your next shopping trip. We can offer you dozens of excellent girls’ school shoes this season, and we’re sure that they’ll live up to (or surpass) all of your best expectations. Material maintenance will keep your child’s pair looking their best as the year drags on, and our foot care products will instantly elevate the experience of comfort. Everflex has some handy tips to pass on today, and we’re sure that some of them will be useful to you! Now, read up! 


Maintain the material 


If you can keep your girls’ school shoes looking better for longer, you won’t need to update a pair that still fits. Everflex’s Instant Shine Sponge is the perfect candidate for this job! Our stellar sponge is super effective at removing dirt, grime, and marks on girls’ school shoes. All you need to do is give the material a few quick swipes with Instant Shine and then you’ll see the magic happen. Your girls’ school shoes will look great once they’re clean again, and they’ll last longer if you keep up the material in good order too. If you want to take things a step further, then add a fresh coat of polish to your girls’ school shoes once you’ve finished with the Instant Shine Sponge. 


Buy a size up 


One popular trend with parents when they purchase girls’ school shoes at Everflex is to buy a size or two larger than what they need. With an oversized pair, you can avoid buying a bunch of styles when your child is in the midst of a growth spurt. However, you will need to take steps to ensure that your child can still walk and move properly. Over-large girls’ school shoes become a tripping hazard if little feet slip and slide within, or if they bend too much.


Similarly, this movement can also cause blisters and other irritations on sensitive skin. As such, Everflex recommends filling the space and correcting the fit of girls’ school shoes using innersoles. You can find our foam and gel innersoles in our range of accessories. You can cut these to fit inside smaller girls’ school shoes. These add-ins supply a comfy and cushioning base for feet to stand on and help kids endure any day confidently! 


As your children grow into their girls’ school shoes, you can switch a thick gel innersole for a fabric one which will take up less space inside too. Your child will still experience (and appreciate) the excellent comfort of thin innersoles and avoid having to squish their feet inside. With our innersoles and other care items, your girls’ school shoes can keep them comfy forever! 


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