How To Make School Shoes Shine

Everflex is here to make your school shoes shine! And we don’t just mean that we’ll help keep them looking chic and glossy. We have some excellent tips to pass along for your kids school shoes and some stellar cleaning products to showcase today.


However, that’s not the entire focus of this article. We also want to teach you how to get the very best fit, feel, and experience from the next set of your kids shoes that you buy for your child. 


Make School Shoes Sparkle With Instant Shine!


Did you know that Everflex has fantastic cleaning accessories? It’s true! If you need something that can get the grit and grime off black hi shine school shoes and leave them looking like a new pair, then add an Instant Shine sponge to your future shopping list! 


This little handheld sponge works dry, so you won’t need to use sticky wax or polish for it to be effective. A few quick swipes of Instant Shine on the material of your kids school shoes are all you need to clean the pair and make the finish glossy again. 


It’s so straightforward and easy to use that you can get your kids to clean their set using Instant Shine all by themselves. After all, you won’t need to worry about them accidentally staining their hands or uniform with polish when they’re trying to buff their black school shoes since Instant Shine doesn’t need it.


As a side note, you should know that our Instant Shine sponge doesn’t take up much space. Since it’s a small and lightweight item, you would have no trouble tucking it into a bag if you wanted to take it along to your child’s photo day or an award day. 


Just in case their black school school shoes need a clean before it’s time to take pictures! Also, it’s easy to store in a drawer or pack away in the cupboard while you aren’t using it.


Be Sure To Replace Old Shoelaces!


Do you want to keep your kids shoes looking their best? Cleaning dirt, dust and mess off material isn’t difficult (if you have the right cleaning tools), but fixing boys school shoe laces can be tricky. You might be able to bring school shoes back from the brink using our Instant Shine sponge, but once laces get dirty, it’s usually the end for them.


Fraying laces look terrible, and once they start stretching or getting out of shape, they won’t tie as well as before. Thankfully, there’s a quick solution to this issue, and that’s to buy a new set of laces for lace up school shoe! 


Here at Everflex, we have packs of laces in different lengths and colours for your convenience. Picking up a replacement set for your child’s lace up shoes should only take a second. Of course, the only thing more convenient than getting to buy laces from our online store is to have a spare pair ready to go in a drawer or cupboard at home. 


As such, we highly recommend ordering laces when you buy your next pair of school shoes, so there are backups if (or when) you need them. Take a look at your options today!


Do You Want To Get The Comfiest Feel From Your School Shoes?


There are countless ways that you can bring out the best from your new pair. One of the easiest and simplest ways to ensure that your kids’ popular brands shoes feel great every time is to make sure the fit gets adjusted until they’re positioned perfectly.


Almost all of Everflex’s designs are adjustable for the ideal fit. Buckled, touch-fastening and lace up school shoe  can all get loosened and tightened as needed, so making little corrections during the day should not be difficult for kids.


Of course, there are other ways to make sure that the fit and feel of your children’s school shoes are up to standard, such as using foot care accessories! Did you buy a pair for your son or daughter to grow into? 


If there’s extra space in your kids’ premium leather shoes and you want to fill the space, then sliding some innersoles in is a smart move. Not only will they correct the internal fit and prevent your kids’ feet from slipping or sliding around inside, but innersoles also support and provide extra cushioning for feet. 


That extra layer of padding help absorb shock, prevent it. Still, they regular muscle strain during your child’s busiest days and ensure that their mary jane school shoes for girls keep them in perfect comfort.


How Can You Get The Most Out Of Your Teenager’s New Pair?


Everflex has some pointers for you too! If you’re shopping for school shoes online this season for a young adult, then the way to make them shine is to buy a pair that they can use for class and work! Most teens start their first jobs while they’re still students.


Since footwear with safety features will be integral to their work uniform, the way to make the most out of their school shoes is to find styles that they can wear during their weekly lessons too! Everflex’s non-slip designs are the perfect pick.


These slip-resistant styles look identical to traditional brown school shoes, but they come with many comfortable durable safety features, including non-slip soles, water and oil resistant material, built-in arch support, heel impact cushioning, and non-marking rubber outsoles.


With all of those extra features to safeguard your teen’s feet, you can always trust our designs to keep them protected and comfortable. Our slip-resistant kids black pairs excel as work and casual shoes! Plus, you can save yourself the expense and trouble of buying separate styles since one non-slip style can handle the classroom and the workplace!


Which Way Do You Think Will Work For You?


We’ve described a few methods you can use to keep your school shoes looking their best, as well as ways you can ensure a comfy fit, and how to boost the amount of wear your kids can get out of them. Now, it’s up to you!


Pick up an Instant Shine sponge or a spare pack of laces from Everflex to maintain the quality of shoe care your kids’ kids lace shoes. Ensure they perform their best for your child by adjusting the fit, adding comfort accessories, or selecting the ideal design. How will you make your kids’ school shoes shine?