How to Maintain Your School Shoes for a Year of Wear and Tear

With the start of the academic year approaching, parents and children are preparing to return to the busy grind. Of course, fitting in all the to-dos can be tricky, but tasks like shopping for school shoes must take priority. 

There are several characteristics to check, fittings to make, and styles to choose from, so shopping for school shoes takes a lot of time. And the responsibility doesn’t end once you’ve found the perfect footwear for your child.

You also need to set aside time to maintain the Everflex school shoes so they can withstand the wear and tear of the year. Admittedly, all children’s footwear needs to be durable because of all the activities they participate in, but that is not enough.

You must take extra steps to bolster them and ensure they last longer.

Do you know what you need to do to prolong their longevity?

Allow our team to assist you. We've compiled the essential steps for preserving your child's school shoes for a year of wear and tear. First, the footwear must fit properly because once your child's feet have outgrown them, you must replace them. So now, let’s dive into the steps!


Tips for Daily Use of Kids' School Shoes

Your child will likely own two pairs of school shoes. One is for the daily classroom activities, while the second is for sports and PE. So, let us begin with the steps for maintaining everyday school shoes.


Step 1—Clean

Remove any accumulated dirt stuck on the school shoes by using a clean, soft brush. Once the dry soil has been removed, use a damp cloth to remove the sticky soil. 


Step 2—Condition and Dry

The conditioning step applies when the material of the school shoes is leather. Use a cloth to rub conditioning lotion into the shoes and ensure it soaks in. Buff them, then dry the footwear naturally, away from any direct heat source, as it may destroy and crack the material. 


Step 3—Polish

Some people think this step is for aesthetic purposes only, but it’s essential for protecting school shoes from getting saturated with moisture and water. Also, cover your work area with old newspapers to avoid getting the polish on your floor or carpet. 

Help yourself with the instant shine available at Everflex. Please always remember to use the one that matches the colour of the school shoes.


Step 4—Buff to Add More Shine

Once the polish dries, remove any excess with the soft brush. Next, add more lustre to the school shoes by wiping them with a clean cloth in circular motions.


Tips for the Sports School Shoes Boys and Girls Live in Them

As we mentioned earlier, your kid has a second pair of shoes, likely sneakers, that they use for PE, sports, and club activities. Here are the steps you need to take to keep these school shoes in good shape, even if they run and jump a lot outside of school.


Step 1—Clean

Use a soft cloth or brush to wipe the footwear with warm water. Next, remove the innersole and apply the same method to remove the dirt. 


Step 2—Dry

Use a dry cloth to wipe off the remaining water before leaving it to dry naturally, ensuring it’s not under a direct heat source. Then, dry the innersole separately before placing it back inside the school shoes.


Step 3—Use Waterproof and Stain Spray

Once completely dry, add a thin layer of waterproof and stain protection against moisture and dirt. This step is essential for school shoes during the fall and winter when the weather is constantly wet and cold.


Additional Tips and Pointers

In this section, we’ll share helpful tips to ensure school shoes withstand wear and tear so your kid enjoys their many benefits much longer. 

First, always have your kid wear cotton stockings when they put on shoes so their feet won't rub against the inside. When feet touch school shoes directly, perspiration is transferred. 

This creates a damp environment that can help bacteria and fungi grow. Also, shoes that rub against the skin all the time can cause blisters and sores, but socks stop this from happening.

When the footwear gets wet, scrunch newspapers into balls and place them inside. Newspapers can do wonders with absorbing moisture. You can also use them to maintain the shape of the school shoes when they are not in use.

Speaking of storage, find a dedicated space to keep their footwear. Leaving the school shoes lying around will attract floating dust and dirt, which may weaken the footwear’s material.

Instead, invest in shoe cabinets or bags and ensure that they are nowhere near heat sources like radiators, as this can dry and crack the soles of the school shoes.

Did you know that how your child wears and removes their school shoes also impacts the longevity of their footwear?

Teach them the proper way of doing these things. For example, when putting on their school shoes, tell them to sit on a chair so it will be easier for them to do the steps. 

They must put their thumb on the back part until the foot is in to protect the heel counter. If they wear the lace-up style, ensure they start from the toes to the back when tightening.

As they kick off their school shoes, give them some direction. It is crucial to remove the fasteners before removing the shoes. Whether they are laces, buckles, or touch-fastening straps, it doesn't matter. 

Some people pry their heels out of their school shoes with their other foot. If you allow your kids to develop this habit, they'll extend their ankles. This can result in balancing issues down the road.


Apply What You've Learned!

May the shared tips help you maintain the school shoes for a year of wear and tear. It would help you immensely if the footwear you buy is sturdy and durable. And yes, the same tips apply to popular brands like Harrison, Asics, Roc, Clarks, Skechers, and even Nike sneakers they use for PE.

Make sure to shop for your child's shoes from Everflex by going to their website or the store closest to you. Our range of shoes for all ages includes shoes for all ages (even for a toddler).

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