How to Know When It’s Time to Upgrade Your School Shoes!

Is it time to upgrade your kids’ school shoes? Trying to figure this stuff out alone can be a struggle for parents the first time around, which is why we’re here to help you muddle through everything. Everflex has seen it all, so we can offer you the best tips and tricks to get school shoes when your children need them. 

As children get older, they’ll recognize the signs and tell you outright when their pair is getting too small. After all, students spend five days a week with the same school shoes on their feet. They’re going to notice when their trusty set feels cramped and uncomfortable all of a sudden. However, it can be more challenging to tell when younger kids need bigger school shoes, particularly if they haven’t had a notable growth spurt in a while. With that in mind, how can parents keep on top of things? 

Check the fit of your child’s school shoes! 

You should always test the fit of your little one’s pair near the end of the holidays. After all, you don’t want any nasty surprises from school shoes when your kids get dressed for their first day back. Even if you don’t think that your children have grown during the break, get them to put on their pair and confirm it for yourself. Also, leave yourself enough time to get school shoes if they need them.

During the rest of the year, it’s best to check now and again too. Don’t wait for your children to start complaining about their school shoes before you do! 

Do you know how to perform the test? 

If you think it might be time to update your children’s school shoes with a bigger size, then make sure you assess how much room they have left in their current style. After all, depending on how much they’ve grown, you may need to go two sizes up for the next pair instead of one. Here’s how you can check the fit of your child’s school shoes:

  1. Once your child puts on their uniform socks (or stockings) and has their pair fastened comfortably, ask them to stand up. 
  2. Ask them to point out any tight areas or places where their school shoes pinch. Since they’re the ones wearing the style, your little student should be able to tell you where the trouble spots are. If you can see the problem just by looking, then a bigger pair is in order! 
  3. Press down on the top of their school shoes and feel for the spot where their toes are sitting inside. In the ideal scenario, your kids would have a centimetre of space between their longest toe and the end of the style. If the gap is any smaller, or your child’s toes are already touching the material, then they’ll need new school shoes as soon as possible.

Watch for signs of wear and tear!

Everflex school shoes are durable and hard-wearing because we know how rough kids can be on their footwear. Still, accidents happen, and eventually every pair hits its breaking point. If your child trips and shreds the material on their school shoes, they may be too embarrassed or guilty to say anything. So, keep an eye on their pair when you can, and check for signs of damage from time to time. Everflex’s cleaning accessories (like Dubbin and our Instant Shine Sponge) can clear off marks and grime to keep school shoes looking presentable. On the other hand, cracked soles and splitting material are far more serious and cause for a style upgrade. 

Have you checked your children’s school shoes recently?

If not, then get on it!