How to Get Your Son to Enjoy Shopping His Boy's School Shoes

Getting your son to enjoy boy's school shoes shopping is a mission in itself. This tip is a challenge that every parent will have to face. The best way to handle it is still an unknown mystery to many parents, but there are definitely ways to resolve it. 

Here at Everflex, we pride ourselves on offering parents the perfect styles of boys' school shoes that can make any little man love shopping for new kicks. Plenty of styles will instantly put a smile on his face. 

You will never go wrong with shopping at Everflex with your son. So if you want your son to love shopping for new boys' school shoes, keep reading! 


Style 1 – Boots

Get ready for the winter season with our range of boots! There is no better feeling than ensuring your child looks and feels their best throughout the day of learning and play. But, unfortunately, when the winter season comes around, it can be hard to know what style of black school shoes to get your son. 

We recommend investing in a pair of boots for your son. These kicks feature a high-cut design with sturdy outer material and chunky soles. These features work together to ensure that your son does not come home with rain, dirt, and mud stuck in their kicks. In addition, your son will love to wear these boys' school shoes from morning until night. 

In our brand shop, you can see a size guide there. Use this size guide to help you establish the stroke width or shoe size that best suits your child's feet. EU cm is available there.

These are the perfect set of footwear that can keep your child's feet comfortable and protected all day and night. Boots are a must-have footwear style that every little man needs in his life. So take this style 1 - Boots in your shopping cart and continue shopping with us!


Style 2 – Touch-fastening  

If you are looking for a pair of boy's school shoes that offers flexibility and comfort, you have come to the right place. Touch-fastening kicks are the perfect style of footwear for active kids. In addition, how these boys' school shoes tie-up will ensure that your son's feet do not fall out of the footwear or become loose during the day. 

Your son can easily play throughout recess and lunch with ease when they wear touch-fastening kicks. These black school shoes are also great for those children who are not confident in tying up their laces just yet.

This process can be in the works for a long time, so investing in a pair of touch-fastening boys' school shoes will save you plenty of tantrums during your early morning rush. 

Touch-fastening footwear is super comfortable as well. Your son will have minimal complaints when wearing this look of boy's school shoes, all thanks to the thick soles and padding around the ankles.

VERB is the perfect set of boy's school shoes with a touch-fastening feature he can wear all day long.


Style 3 – Canvas

Get your hands on a pair of canvas sneakers this season! Your son will love wearing a pair of these black school shoes throughout the day of learning and play. 

Canvas sneakers can become your son's new favourite kicks to wear during study hours. These are super comfortable and wearable for a day full of learning. In addition, you will find that these kicks can get styled with just about every uniform requirement.

The best thing about wearing these canvas sneakers is that your son can wear these kicks outside of education hours. 

The thin, comfortable sole ensures that your child's feet can wear these boy's school shoes during the day, with a lightweight canvas outer material for extra breathability. So, take this as a sign to invest in these kicks. You'll get your order number on our website's bag.

These are the type of school shoes boys will love to wear that can get styled with their everyday looks. There is nothing better than rocking a set of these boys' school shoes. 


Style 4 – Lace-up

Stick to the classics this term with a pair of lace-ups. These boy's school shoes are a great style of footwear to wear. Whether your son is in primary or secondary education, you can trust that a pair of lace-ups will take him through the day. 

These kicks offer a range of qualities, including a thick sole, breathable material, and sturdy laces. Your son will love to wear these boys' school shoes if he enjoys a kick of the football on the oval and learning maths equations in the classroom in the afternoon. These boys' school shoes will be the perfect footwear for every child. 

The best part about these boys' school shoes is that they are unisex, so if you have a daughter, she can also wear them. This tip can help you save money and the drama of finding the right pair of kicks. 


Style 5 – Trainers

Does your son love to play sports and stay active throughout the day? If you are nodding yes, we have the perfect pair of boys' school shoes. That's right; our range of trainers is sure to tick all the right boxes. 

Nothing is better than wearing a pair of these kicks throughout the day and night. The best thing about a set of trainers is that your son can wear them during the day of learning and play for hours of activities.

If your son plays a sport or loves to spend time with friends after a big day, you can trust that his pair of trainers can keep him feeling comfortable and protected. 

Trainers are boys' school kicks with a thick sole and padded outer material. Your son's feet will be super protected from morning until night with these kicks by their side. Trainers are the type of boys' school shoes that are hard to resist! 

Trust us; we have great marketing communications to provide you with quality, comfort, and style of shoes to be one of your top brands shops.

Shop for more in our brand's store. You can specifically find your pair of shoes in the filter section on the left corner and clear filters or clear all whenever you want to see more.



One thing every parent needs to invest in when shopping for a new pair of boys' school shoes is some footwear accessories. You will instantly fall in love with some footwear accessories for your son's feet. Our boys' school footwear is super comfortable and wearable throughout the day and night. 

We recommend investing in some footwear accessories to ensure that they last for as long as possible. You and your son will love what a set of these accessories can do for their comfort levels. In addition, our range of innersoles is perfect for every child to wear. 

These sit on the inside of the new high school shoes and can add a layer of support for their feet. In addition, we recommend investing in backup laces and socks for your son's next pair of boys' school footwear. You will never know when you need it most! 


Have you found the perfect set of boys' school shoes?

If you and your son love what you see, you are in the right place. There is nothing better than rocking a set of these kicks during a day of work and play! You will find everything you are looking for at Everflex! Head to our store website today to discover more.

Many benefits are awaiting you at our brand shop, so make your account now and collect the shoes you want and need at a great price.