How to Get Your Kids to Enjoy Getting Ready for School!

Who needs help getting their kids enthused for the upcoming week? While school shoes are our speciality here at Everflex, we also like lending a hand to customers with handy tips and tricks for students. Today, we want to talk you through the ways you can make getting ready for the classroom much easier and more fun for your little ones. Everflex’s quick tips apply to more than simply school shoes. Now, take note! 

When it’s time to buy school shoes, let your kids be part of the process!

It’s always a good idea to let students have a say about their styles. After all, if you had to wear the same pair of school shoes for a semester or more, wouldn’t you want some input?


First, we recommend browsing through the Everflex collection online. You can narrow down your search for school shoes by selecting your ideal price range, size, and material type. Once you’re down to the best two or three pairs, offer your child the chance to make the final selection. That way, you and your kids are sure to be happy with the school shoes that arrive in the mail! 

Make sure that your kids’ school shoes are comfortable and supportive!


When you get your child a new set, it always pays to check the comfort and fit before you send them off into the classroom. The most comfortable school shoes are ones that fit correctly, so double-check that your child has the right size.


Get them to put their socks/tights/stockings on and their new footwear, do them up until they feel the best, and then see how much room they have in style. You can test by pressing down on the top of your child’s school shoes and feeling for their longest toe. A perfect-fitting pair has at least a centimetre of space between the end of the material and your child’s toes. 


If the school shoes are too small, then contact Everflex and exchange your current set for the next size up. You can do the same for an oversized pair, or fill the gaps with a cosy innersole. Most parents prefer the innersole option, as it saves you the trouble of swapping sizes and gives kids more support in their school shoes. They’ll fit perfectly the next time your children have a growth spurt, and you won’t have to buy another pair! 

Speed up the daily routine by preparing school shoes beforehand! 


No one likes rushing to get ready in the morning. If the routine takes too long and the kids turn up late to class (or their early sports practice, or extracurricular activity), they are not going to be happy! One way to avoid a hectic and stressful morning is to get your child’s uniform, school shoes, and bag all ready to go the night before. 


When the only thing that students need to do is wake up, have breakfast, brush their teeth, and put on their uniform, they are much more likely to get out of the door on time. After all, they won’t be hunting down their homework, looking for clean socks and clothes, or searching aimlessly for their school shoes.


So, before your child goes to bed each night, have them set everything up so that the morning runs smoothly! Ensure their bag is packed with everything they’ll need for the day then set out their uniform and school shoes. Once you’ve got this down to an art form, the entire household will be able to get a few more minutes of sleep! 

Who’s ready to try out these tricks with school shoes 2020? 


We know that we are! Try our tips, and your kids will love getting in their school shoes!