How to Get Your Child to Love Their School Shoes!

In a perfect world, everything is easy, including your daily routine, where your child wears school shoes without hassle. But we all know that remains a dream because difficult mornings still exist when you must chase your child to make them wear their footwear. 

You’ve tried everything—offering treats, more playing hours, a toy—to get them to wear their school shoes, but you couldn’t get past the crying and tantrums.

Mornings like these can be frustrating, especially if you want to spend more precious minutes in bed. But don’t worry, dear parents, because Everflex provides helpful tips to get your kids to love their school shoes.

Applying these tips will make morning routines easier, with all family members smiling before leaving the house. So, if you want to start, let’s dive right into it!


1. Give them comfortable footwear.

One of the top reasons children dislike wearing school shoes is discomfort. Your kids likely find the footwear painful and don’t want to wear it. Parents might find this idea confusing since the school shoes you purchased a few weeks ago still fit.

Here’s what likely happened: your kid had a growth spurt, making the footwear that fits 4–8 weeks ago unfit now. Please remember that your kid will continue to have growth spurts, so check on the fit every 4–6 weeks.

It’s time to get them a new pair of school shoes once you notice they’re the wrong size because your children should never wear ill-fitting footwear, which may cause blisters and deformities that they’ll have until adulthood.

What makes a pair of school shoes comfortable?

  • Getting your child’s correct measurements ensures the school shoes fit them comfortably. Take them shopping with you in the afternoon, when their feet are at their maximum size.

You need to account for the growth or swelling when you make them try on different styles. Please make them wear the socks they’ll wear all year when they try on the footwear to get an accurate feel.

  • Please measure the width and length of each foot separately when getting their size. Then, you can enlist the help of a professional to do it for you. Podiatrists can also recommend the correct school shoes for your child’s foot type.
  • Ensure the school shoes have enough room for the toes to spread naturally, affecting stability and balance.

Choose rounded or square-toe designs instead of pointed-toe ones. Check that there’s a 1 cm gap between their longest toe and the tip of the school shoes.

  • Look for school shoes with fastenings because adjustability and security are essential for comfort. In addition, your child must be able to tighten or loosen the fit as needed. Everflex has three fastenings available—touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces.


2. Find Supportive School Shoes Boys and Girls Will Adore!

Ask your children why they do not want to wear their school shoes, and their reply could be that the footwear is too soft or hard to wear. Since your child’s feet continually develop until puberty, it’s critical to give them supportive footwear that won’t affect the growth of their feet.

How do you know that the school shoes can provide adequate support?

  • Flexible in the right places. The school shoes should be relaxed until the balls of the feet only, not further. The footwear should mimic their natural movement since the feet only fold until the balls.

If you can twist it beyond the ball area, it will not support your child’s developing feet. The footwear must not be too soft or hard.

  • The heel counter is firm, as this feature provides stability for their feet and longevity for the school shoes. To check, press on both sides of the heel counter. It shouldn’t give in.
  • Soles provide grip and traction, which your child needs to stay steady on their feet. In addition, with classroom and playground activities, your kid needs school shoes with soles that keep them safe from accidental slips.


3. Involve your child in the process.

Your child would love their school shoes if they had a voice in choosing the style they wanted. One of the reasons they dislike wearing their footwear is because they may find it boring and unpopular.

The time will come when your kid develops their taste and prefers to choose the school shoes they like.

Give your child a voice when you’re out shopping for school shoes. Ask them what they want and check if the style they like ticks all the necessary features. Their peers and classmates may influence their choice, especially if there’s a style that everyone prefers to wear.

Make them try on the school shoes and walk around the store. Tell them to be vocal about their feedback so you know how they feel about the footwear style. This way, your kids will love their footwear more and wear it willingly every morning.


4. Turn shopping into a bonding experience.

Make your child treasure their school shoes by associating them with a good memory. When you turn shopping for academic footwear into something fun, which they’ll always think of, they will learn to love it more. How about a scavenger hunt for school shoes?

Once they find the footwear they like and ensure they tick all the features, you can reward them with ice cream or a movie. They will cherish the memories and remember all that when they wear their school shoes.


5. Shop at Everflex

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Give Your Child the Best Kids School Shoes!

Your children deserve durable school shoes they’ll love to wear every day! So make life easy for all of you by grabbing Everflex footwear from the nearest retailer or online store!