How To Find Your Child’s Perfect Fit!

Is finding the right size of school shoes always a struggle for you?

Has your child had a recent growth spurt and needs to get fitted properly again? Everflex makes searching for and finding school shoes a breeze in any season. Providing affordable and high-quality designs is just what we do! Also, our vast selection of sizes and different types of school shoes means that you can trust us to take care of students of all ages. Whether you’re after traditional, warm-weather, or sporty footwear, Everflex has what you need when you need it.

We make sure you can get our designs at any time

You can never predict when kids will outgrow their school shoes, which is why we stock and sell styles all year long. Unlike other retailers (who only keep one or two styles outside of the pre-term sale period), Everflex makes sure that our shoppers never get caught short! Plus, our competitive prices last throughout the year, and we love having sales too! When you shop with Everflex for your newest school shoes, you know that you can get your money’s worth.

Why is it essential to get the right fit?

Many parents fall into the habit of buying styles a few sizes bigger than what they need so that their kids can grow into their school shoes. While this is a smart way to save and keep yourself from purchasing styles for a little longer, it’s still important to make sure their footwear fits perfectly. Your child’s school shoes are the pair that they’ll wear five days a week, which means poor-fitting ones can have a significant impact on developing feet. Since you don’t want your child coming home with blisters, scraped knees from slips and trips, or achy feet, you must get their school shoes right.

So, how can you check that they fit correctly?

When you buy styles online from Everflex, we provide size charts and information for your school shoes for your convenience. However, you can double-check that your student is in the proper size easily. Have your child wear their new pair with their uniform socks on, and press your fingers down on the tip. There should be roughly a centimetre between the top of their toes and the end of the school shoes.

Go into a store!

Everflex supplies support and fitting information to customers who shop on our website. However, we can also offer you a more personal experience with our school shoes too. If your motto is to always try-before-you-buy, then Everflex can still lend you a hand! You can find our school styles in-store exclusively at Spendless Shoes, where experienced team members are waiting to help your child find their ideal match. Stop in at your local store, ask to try Everflex school shoes, and you’ll get directed towards the available range. You can also for a professional fitting and be sure that the style and size you’ve chosen for your little student is the right one! After that, you should be ready to take home your brand new school shoes!

You could also correct the fit with foot care products

If you do notice that your child’s school shoes are too roomy, then slide in some of our gel or fabric innersoles. These are a one-size-fits-all product that you can cut down to fit your pair. Innersoles provide an extra layer of cushioning and padding for little feet, which both keeps them comfy and fill outs the extra space. All you need to do is slide the innersoles inside of your child’s school shoes and watch the magic happen!

Let Everflex find your child’s ideal pair this season

We’ll find the school shoes to suit your kids in no time!