How To Find The Right Boys School Shoes For Your Son

Kids are fussy when it comes to their casual shoes, especially boys school shoes! So do yourself a favour and follow our top tips for finding the right boys school shoes that your child will like.


Skip the tantrums the next time you hit the shops and follow our ‘how-to’ guide when shopping for strapped shoes for your kids!


Do Your Research


Before you rush off to the shopping centre, do some research for selffastening straps shoes! Seriously, save yourself the embarrassment of dragging your child from store to store to try on different young mens shoes. 


Before you even hit the shops, do a little online shopping first for your little mens walking shoes. Check out other brands for a wide fit, and take a look at their different court borough-inspired styles that might get your attention. 


Then, make a list of varsity leather styles that you would like your child to try on as soon as you get there. This will take the guesswork out of looking and searching for the Adidas ultraboost styles you have in mind, know what you are looking for, and quickly have your child try on.


This Will Save You A Whole Lot Of Time And Effort!


Speaking of researching online, what’s great about Everflex’s website is that it will show you precisely what sizes of girls school shoes are available in Spendless Shoes stores. So instead of heading into a store hoping they have the size of party shoes you’re after, you’ll know for sure what’s available before you even head over.


By doing this, you’ll be able to find the junior boys and girls shoes and size you are looking for, quickly try them on, and you’ll be on your way. If this doesn’t stop the tantrums during shopping time, then we don’t know what will!


Shop Online


Better yet, if you are pretty confident in knowing your child’s dress shoes size and have done all you’re at-home measurements, then why not save the trip to the shopping centre and buy online black school shoes instead?


Shop Everflex’s range of kids and mens running shoes online, and you will receive your new active kids shoes in no time at all! The beauty of our online men womens shoe store is the fact that we’re always switched on. Our online team receives and packs your walking shoes orders on the same day.


As long as you place your order before 2:30 pm between Mondays and Fridays (ACST), your order will be dispatched that same day! Of course, this isn’t inclusive of public holidays and other promotional periods.


We also offer standard and express shipping options, meaning if you’re desperate, you can have your new kids sport shoes within 2-5 days of ordering. With quick service like this, then there’s no need to leave the comfort of your own home!


Find Styles Your Child Will Like


You may have an idea in your mind of what your child should have in school training shoes. However, we know better than anyone that your child probably has other plans in mind! 


Your little ones love to run around, climb, jump, skip and hop during recess and lunchtime, and during sporting activities, so you need to keep in mind that they require sports shoes that are flexible, supportive, and comfortable. 


Your child will do just as much running as they do sitting in their star runner shoes, and since they spend the majority of their days in them, you want to make sure they are as comfortable and supported as can be.


We know how hard it can be getting your little ones to wear their kids shoe, so find a style they will like.




Have you thought about Nike air trainers instead? Your kids love to wear their sports watches with their sneakers or trainers all weekend long, so why not take this footwear favourite and add it to their uniform too?


Lucky for you, Everflex have you covered! We have a range of trainers that are a suitable option for young womens running shoes. Mens running shoes come in either black or white, so whether you are looking for something fixed for the classroom, or trainers that are limited to sporting activities only, we’ve got your options covered. 


These popular zoom pegasus shoes style come in either touch-fastening or lace-up fastening options, so you’ll have no trouble at all finding the right type for your little one. Keep in mind that touch-fastening possibilities are great for your little ones who may not have mastered tying laces just yet. 


In addition, touch-fastening options make it incredibly easy for your child to adjust the fit and secure in place without the help of mum and dad. Now that’s a bonus, one less thing for parents to do in the mornings!


Our sneakers feature a padded heel and a cushioned collar for added comfort and support for a trail run. These young womens running shoes are lightweight, flexible, and breathable, giving them the feel of a trainer and the effortless style of Nike court shoes. 


The versatility of these young ladies and mens training shoes makes them a great contender for both the playground and the classroom!


Mens Shoes That Will Keep Everyone Happy


Unfortunately, not all institutions allow their students to wear trainers as mens training shoes, and we understand why. So why not find a pair of boys shoes that will keep everyone happy? Teachers, parents, and students at Everflex, we have the solution for you!


A pair of brown school shoes that appears as a classic lace-up but is built like a pair of sneakers, our range in kids ankle boots shoes feature a flexible sole of a trainer but the formal look of a classic pair of mary jane shoes. 


These lace-ups are hardwearing and are disguised as a classroom classic. Now that’s genius! But, let’s be honest; children are rough! They run, kick, play, dance, sit, hop, skip and jump all in one day, so they need something hardwearing to withstand their active lifestyles.


Similar to our trainer styles, these lace-ups also feature a touch-fastening or lace-up option making your choice somewhat easier. In addition, you can guarantee that your sporty child will appreciate the supportive steadfast soles of their cross training shoes underneath their feet providing them with the traction and support they need to keep going all day long!


As we said, the next time you're heading out to the shopping centre to pick up a new pair of ethical sourcing shoes, ditch the tantrums and arguments! Instead, follow our tips and find the right kids shoe that both you and your child will love using our size guides.


What Are You Waiting For?


Head online and check out Everflex’s collection of kids school shoes today!