How To Find School Shoes That Fit Properly

Find school shoes that fit your child perfectly at Everflex! Here’s how to do it:


Use Our Helpful Size Guides To Find School Shoes In The Ideal Size!


Everflex has a whole page on the website dedicated to explaining our sizes and shoe care, so have a read if you’re confused about anything! We also have charts that you can use as size guides for your boys and girls shoes. 


These charts show Everflex sizes alongside UK, US, and EU measurements, which means you can compare our sizes to ones you might be more familiar with! As such, figuring out which Everflex size is the right one for your senior boys school shoes should be super straightforward. 


There are some other things to keep in mind too. Namely, remember to check the description of any featured items you look at online! Is it your first time shopping for styles at Everflex’s online store? To ensure that you get the right size for your child, you should consult the description of any kids new arrivals you look at. 


Here, you’ll see the sizing range labelled with Pre-Walker, toddler, junior, or preteen. This will indicate what age most children are if they wear school shoes in this size, which is super handy! 


Test The Fit Once Your Child’s New Pair Gets Delivered!


Do you know how to check that your girls school shoes are the right size? The steps are so easy to follow that we can talk you through them right now! First off, get your child to wear the socks or stockings that they typically wear with their uniform to give you the most accurate results. 


Next, have them put on their new kids shoes, do up the fastenings (touch-on tabs, laces, buckles, etc.) until they feel secure, then stand up for you. To check how much room your child has in their sports shoes, you’ll need to judge the distance between their longest toe and the end of their sports shoes. 


So, press down on the material until you can feel their longest toe, then see how much space there is between the tip of their style and their toe. School shoes that are the proper size for your kid should have a least a centimetre of space— you can use the width of your thumb to judge the distance. 


If you think there’s enough space, then you can move on and assess the rest of the fit. Have your child walk around the room and watch their school or dress shoes carefully while they do. Is the style slipping off the back of their heels, or does everything look fine?


Finally, ask your child how their dress shoes feel. Are there any tight spots through the toes or places where the material pinches their feet? Do they feel like they’re sliding around in their kids shoes? If all is well, then you can feel confident that your kid’s new style is the size that they need!


Get Fitted By A Professional In-store!


As we’ve talked about above, Everflex makes it easy to be self-sufficient in selecting and testing the fit of your child’s black school shoes. If you don’t have time to make it into a store to get womens new arrivals, then these are great ways to get the right pair of black school shoes for your kid. 


Still, we understand that a second opinion about which sales and exclusive shoes are best is worth taking some extra time for some parents. While Everflex is an online store, you can find our styles in-store across Australia at our exclusive stockists: Spendless Shoes. 


Would you prefer to get your child’s party shoes fitted by a professional? The Spendless team can help you out! Simply head into your nearest store, find the Everflex style that you want for your child on the shelves, and then ask a team member for help with the fit! 


From there, they will perform the usual steps to check that your kid’s hi shine shoes have the right amount of room and aren’t slipping or pinching your child’s feet. The team member assisting you may also utilise a foot-measuring mat or Brannock device to double-check your child’s size, which is a bonus! 


As well as providing your child with the professional fitting experience, the advantage of having help from an employee is that they can offer other advice for school shoes that you might not have thought of yourself. 


For instance, if your child needs extra support in their style, they could help you figure out which innersoles, shoe care, or other foot care accessories would be beneficial! How great is that?


Don’t Stress If You Pick The Wrong Size!


We know that ordering brown school shoes in the wrong size is annoying and inconvenient, which is why the Everflex team has made it super simple to fix an incorrect order. As long as you retain your receipt (or order confirmation, as proof of purchase), we’ll organise an exchange or refund for your order promptly! 


You have the option to mail back your wide fit shoes to our online store or take your order to our exclusive stockists. Pick whichever way is most convenient for you! Are you working against the clock to get a new pair of mary janes for your little girl? 


Let us help you get your new pair before the end of the holidays! If you know that your child has almost outgrown their school shoes and needs updates on new styles for a new pair of womens shoes at the end of the semester, then we recommend being strategic about when you buy their next set from our shoe warehouse. 


After all, you have some spare time in the holidays to have a scroll through Everflex’s online store and place an order, which means there’s no good reason to leave your shopping until the last minute. But, of course, life isn’t always that simple. 


Do you need lynx blue shoes as soon as possible because you’re running out of days until your kid is back in the classroom? Are you buying a new pair of mens shoes in the middle of the semester and have no time to lose? 


In that case, take advantage of our express shipping service for your school shoes. Express delivery doesn’t cost much more than our standard shipping, and those few extra dollars could save you a world of stress!


Good Luck!


Follow these tips, and you’ll get the perfect school shoes for your child every time!