How to Ensure Your Kids' School Shoes Last for Years to Come!

When the new school year approaches, there's just one thing to do: buy new shoes. If it's your first time, you're in for a wild ride because there are many things to consider when selecting the perfect pair. On the one hand, if this is not your first time buying, you know the drill! 


Buying school shoes never gets easy, but you find ways to make them more fun for you and your child. If only there were a way you could lengthen the life span of their footwear, you'd do it! It must start with the quality of school shoes and their durability.


Is it a trusted brand?


If you get a pair of school shoes from Everflex, you get your hands on comfortable, affordable, and durable footwear that supports your child's developing feet. They are so good that you would do all you can to ensure they last for years unless your child's feet outgrow them, which means you need to shop again.


Check out how our school shoes stack up against the market leaders like Nike and Asics, as well as their favourite fusion brands, the products your kid loves from brands shop. We have new styles for boys and girls coming, so continue shopping.


But until that happens, there are ways you can prolong the footwear's lifespan. Our team at Everflex will give you a crash course on ways to ensure your kid gets to enjoy their school shoes longer.


Everyday Household Items That Can Help Prolong Footwear


  • Tweezers can clean touch-fastening straps.


Touch-fastening straps are one of three types of fastenings available at Everflex. They are easy to use and secure the school shoes by pressing two strips together.


Unfortunately, the sticky material collects dust, hair, strings, and other things, making it less likely that the shoes will stay put. We suggest grabbing your tweezers and picking out the prominent pieces of dirt.


It can be tedious, but once you've removed the big pieces, you can use a small wire brush to rub the dirt away from the touch-fastening straps of the school shoes.


  • Wash laces separately


The laces are the only removable component of a child's school shoe, making them easy to clean or replace if necessary. To wash them, remove them from the footwear, soak them in warm, soapy water for a few minutes, and then squeeze the filth and grime out. 


After which, add the school shoes' laces to the washing machine with your next load to clean parts you couldn't access by hand.


  • Mild Soap and water to freshen the insides


You must also maintain the insides of your school shoes if you want to keep them for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, most people focus only on the overall appearance and overlook cleaning the inside, which is in direct contact with your child's feet.


Children run, walk, and play a lot, which causes sweating that can impact the freshness of their school shoes. So, apply mild soap to a damp cloth and work it on the footwear's insides. 


Avoid saturating the school shoes, so be sure you've rung out the material before wiping. Then, air-dry the footwear for a minimum of 24 hours before use.


  • Rubber erasers work against scuff marks.


When your child plays sports or does other things that require them to run, their school shoes will get dirty and scratched. 


Borrow your child's rubber eraser and rub it around the minor scuff marks in a circular manner. Once done, rub the debris away from the shoes with a clean cloth. However, more significant damages would require the help of your kitchen's baking soda. 


Create a paste by mixing 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda with warm water, then rub on the affected area using a cloth. Remove any excess paste with a damp cloth afterwards.


  • A small brush to fight off tough dirt stains


Wipe the shoes with a mild disinfectant using a damp cloth. Next, work on mud and grit stains with an old toothbrush, starting from the soles. Brush the dirt away in small circular motions until you reach the front of the school shoes. Keep a damp cloth nearby.


  • Baking soda keeps odours away.


Sweat can leave a funky smell in your child's footwear, so it's best to deodorise them with baking soda at least once a week. After removing the baking soda, a few drops of essential oil like tea tree or lavender will leave the footwear smelling great.


You can also put small packets of coffee grounds inside the shoes to soak up moisture while storing them. It will keep the funky odours at a minimum.


  • Newspaper absorbs moisture


We can't control the weather, so even if your child leaves for class while the sun is up, they can go home amidst a heavy downpour. But, unfortunate as it sounds, it happens, and their shoes get wet and drenched.


Leaving their footwear wet is prone to fungi and bacteria buildup, so it's best to dry them as quickly as possible.


Please do not throw away newspapers after you've read them, as they are good moisture and odour absorbers. Instead, scrunch them inside each shoe, filling them up to the toes. 


Change every hour to dry the footwear faster in the first three hours. Then, replace the newspaper as needed in the following hours. It usually takes 12 hours to dry the footwear.


  • Proper Storage


Your child will likely leave their shoes lying around once they get home. Correct this behaviour and teach them to store their footwear so they will last longer. 


Leaving footwear around will make them susceptible to dust accumulation. Instead, please store them in shoe closets or behind-the-door bags.


Purchase the best children's shoes to ensure that they last longer!


You don't have to spend much to ensure your child's shoes last longer. Instead, several household items can do the trick. 


However, the most crucial part is that you and your child do your share in taking care of the footwear. Their durability won't matter if you don't take care of them.


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