How To Clean Boys School Shoes After A Day On The Playground!


Kids are messy, and we guarantee that they’ll come home with dirty boys’ school shoes at some point this semester. But don’t stress, because Everflex can make sure that they get cleaned up quickly and easily. Enjoy these four quick tips:


1)      Choose your boys’ school shoes carefully


Did you know that the material can have an immense impact on the endurance of your child’s style? It’s true! While we offer leather products, our synthetic boys’ school shoes are the most durable and most straightforward to clean, since they won’t get damaged by water. If all you have to wipe down your kids’ pair is a wet cloth or tissue, then you’ll be glad you went for the synthetic ones. A bit of water is no trouble with leather, but excessive scrubbing could potentially damage your boys’ school shoes if it happens habitually. Luckily, we have some alternative ways to clean your styles this season, and you’ll find all the details down below! 


2)      Grab some Dubbin for your boys’ school shoes


Do you have any Dubbin cleaner in your cupboard? If not, you’ll want a tin of this to shine your boys’ school shoes! This colourless cleaning agent will work on synthetic styles, but it’s even better on leather products. Dubbin can waterproof, condition, and protect boys’ school shoes made out of leather materials. Since leather is naturally more susceptible to water damage, that’s pretty great! And, while Dubbin might not be as useful on synthetic boys’ school shoes (which are already water-resistant), they can give them a high-shine finish! Either way, if you want to keep Everflex styles in prime condition, then we can’t recommend Dubbin enough!


You can use Dubbin on other leather and look-alike leather styles (not just boys’ school shoes exclusively) in your collection, but we don’t advise using it on fabrics like suede. Dubbin has a waxy consistency, so using it on soft material wouldn’t be ideal. 


3)      Choose an Instant Shine Sponge


This no-mess sponge could be your new go-to for cleaning boys’ school shoes. Uncap the lip and start scrubbing the grime off at once. Instant Shine will remove dust, muck, and anything else stuck to your boys’ school shoes. As the name suggests, your child’s grimy pair will be left clean and glossy again in no time thanks to Instant Shine. Unlike Dubbin, you can use this sponge to clean any material, and use it on any of your other footwear! You don’t need an excuse to add this care accessory to your shopping cart, but you can say it’s for your boys’ school shoes anyway. 


4)      Keep some spare shoelaces around


Unfortunately, shoelaces tend to be the first casualties when boys’ school shoes get wet, muddy, or otherwise wrecked. Laces are a weak link compared to the hard-wearing material. The plastic aglet tips can start to crack and crumble, or the fibres can begin to fray and make your boys’ school shoes look scruffy. All-in-all, having worn out laces is not a great look, and you can expect teachers to make a fuss about them after a while. Everflex has a simple solution to this problem, and that’s to replace the tired old ties on your boys’ school shoes! 


Take a look at our accessories range, and you’ll see that Everflex offers laces 75cm, 90cm and 125cm in length. As such, we can provide replacements for all ages. Student styles are all-white and all-black, so they work with classic boys’ school shoes and sneakers alike. If you need a fresh pair of shoelaces, then get yours from Everflex! 


We hope you found this helpful


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