How To Choose The Right School Shoe

Picking the right pair of school shoes doesn’t have to be a struggle! Take a step in the right direction with Everflex. We know that it can be tough to try and find school shoes that fit well, look great, and come at an affordable price. But buying the last crucial piece of your child’s uniform shouldn’t be a cause of anxiety. Today, we are going to pass on some essential information about our school shoes. Hopefully, what you learn today will let you stress less the next time you need to shop for them. How do you choose the right school shoes? Let us give you a clue! 


What material is best for your child?

Synthetic school shoes are a must-have for students who love vegan-friendly products, but our leather designs are a great choice as well. So, which sort would be better for your child? Since synthetic school shoes are the most water-resistant and rarely get scuff marks, we tend to recommend them for rambunctious children and older students with busy schedules. If your kids need footwear with extra endurance, then these are a natural choice. Still, we can’t downplay the appeal of leather school shoes. These softer and more malleable designs are superb for students with sensitive skin, as they shape well to feet and circulate airflow excellently. 

Since you can’t tell the difference between a genuine and a faux leather pair, we take care to label our products with the material type. As such, it is easy to figure out which school shoes we have available in your preferred material. 


Use our size guide to find the best-fitting kids’ school shoes 

Is it your first time buying a pair from Everflex? Are you new to shopping online for school shoes? There’s no need to be nervous because figuring out which size will suit your child is no trouble! Once you find a pair of school shoes that you like, make your way over to the Size Guide page on our website, and you will see we have charts for women, men, and kids. You can compare Everflex sizes with UK, US, and EU measurements. If you know that your best fit is a woman’s US 7, for example, then find that on our women’s chart. Once you do, scan the line (horizontally), and you will see the equivalent measurement for your ideal school shoes. Talk about easy! 


Get your child fitted in-store

Do you want to be absolutely sure that you get school shoes in the right size? While Everflex’s online service is exceptional, it always helps to have a professional-trained pair of eyes there to assist you. You can find Everflex school shoes in-store exclusively at Spendless Shoes, and their wonderful team help parents with fittings all the time. So, head in-store with your child and their uniform socks, select your Everflex pair and ask a team member for assistance. In no time at all, you’ll get your hands on school shoes that fit your kid perfectly! 


If you truly want the best, then you’ll have to browse our collection

No matter which way you look at it, eventually you will have to start looking at our school shoes yourself. Each product comes with images at different angles, so you can always get a good look at what you plan on buying. There is also information about the material, the sizes available, and the stock available along the side, so there will be no nasty surprises. In fact, if you have any questions about a pair of school shoes, you are almost guaranteed to find the answer to it embedded in the description. 


Are you ready to find the ideal pair?

Of course, you are! Now, get shopping!