How to Care for Your School Shoes!

Getting your hands on a new pair of school shoes for your child can be challenging at the best of times. Our range of school shoes comes in various styles and designs perfect for girls and boys to wear. In addition, we have a range of school & work shoes that can get worn by women, men, and kids.


With unisex, leather, and vegan-friendly designs available, your child will love wearing these kicks all day and night long. However, one thing that does not always cross people's minds is that these kicks need to be looked after and cared for. 


If you want your child's pair of kicks to last a lifetime, you will love our tips on caring for your school shoes. The team at Everflex brands shop has gathered a range of tips and tricks that can keep your child's pair of school shoes squeaky clean all year long! If you want to find out more, keep on reading! 


Tip 1 – Wash


We recommend that you run them through the wash when cleaning your child's school shoes. Crazy, right? Well, you will understand the reasoning behind this method very soon. 


The washing machine is a perfect method to use when you need to clean your child's school shoes. The washing machine can instantly rinse a pair of kicks with soapy water without you having to put in the hard work. This cleaning method is suitable for school shoes with some small cuffs or a foul odour on the inside. 


Running these school shoes through the wash will ensure that every smell and scuff will come out instantly. We recommend running school shoes through the washing machine at least once a month. You will find that white school shoes, such as STICK2, will require a more frequent wash. 


All-white kicks are super fun to wear, but they can get dirty quickly. So a washing machine will be super beneficial with these kicks around


Tip 2 – Avoid wet weather


To keep your child's pair of school shoes in good condition, we recommend that they avoid wearing them in wet weather conditions. 


School shoes will perform best when not damaged by water, dirt, or mud. The build-up of water damage can deteriorate the quality of your child's kicks much quicker than expected. It may seem challenging to avoid wearing footwear during wet weather conditions, but it is super beneficial. 


We love how comfortable and protective a pair of school shoes can be for children. They can wear these kicks from morning until night without any problems. In addition, your child will love how comfortable and easy wearing a pair of these kicks look and feel on their feet. 


To keep these kicks in top condition, it is best to try and avoid wet weather conditions. 


Tip 3 – Store in a dark place


Another way to keep your child's school shoes safe and intact all year long is to store them in a dark place. Who would have thought that the way your child's school shoes are stored can affect their longevity? 


Well, now you know! We love that school shoes generally can last a long time. There is nothing better than rocking a pair of kicks that can keep your child's feet comfortable and protected all day long. 


We understand that shopping for a new pair of school shoes can sometimes be quite expensive, especially if you have to buy footwear for more than one child. That is why we highly recommend storing these kicks in a dark place. By following this shoe-care tip, you can trust that your child's pair of school shoes will stay intact and last a while. 


Tip 4 – Polish and Spray


We love what a pair of kids' school shoes can do for your child. But, of course, the best way to keep their kicks looking perfect is to invest in some polish. Whether this is a version of spray or wax, you will find that polishing your black school shoes will be super beneficial. 


The polish can give your child's kicks a fresh and glossy shine that is hard to find in school shoes. In addition, you and your child's place of education will love how clean and shiny these kicks look on their feet! So don't forget to buy some polish and spray the next time you do online shopping!


Tip 5 – Only wear at school


To keep your child's school shoes comfortable and in tip-top shape, you will benefit from ensuring that your child only wears them at school. We could not recommend this any more than we already do. If your child wears their school shoes during the day and instantly swaps them out for slippers or socks at home, their kicks will last longer. 


It can be very easy for your child to wear their school shoes to after-hour activities. To avoid this from happening, bring a spare pair of kicks in the car so they can protect their school shoes. You will love this method! 


Tip 6 – Accessories 


We recommend that every parent invests in a set of accessories for their child's collection of school shoes. In addition, you will find that backup laces and socks will come in handy when you least expect them. 


Accessories for your kids' school shoes will ensure that they feel comfortable and protected throughout the day. You can also trust that the longevity of their pair of school shoes will be much longer than anticipated. 


No parent wants to come home to dirty socks and torn up laces, so we recommend investing in accessories from top online shopping, Everflex! You can see them on our store listing page under the Accessories page.


Are you ready to keep your child's school shoes squeaky clean?


If you are nodding your head yes, you are in the right place. Our selection of tips and tricks will keep you busy throughout the year. Your children will love you a thousand times more than they already do with these cleaning tips for your school shoes. 


  So head to the Everflex website today to get some cleaning goodies. Continue shopping with us!