How to Buy School Shoes So That They’ll Last All Year!

You can trust the endurance of Everflex’s kids’ school shoes! We know that there’s nothing more maddening for parents than having to replace footwear that wears out long before their children outgrow them. Not every retailer has prices as low and affordable as Everflex, and the cost of kids’ school shoes can quickly add up when you have more than one child. Keep in mind that each student will need a classroom pair and second set for PE classes and sports too! That’s why the kids’ school shoes you purchase for your little ones must have decent longevity. 


At Everfex, we pride ourselves on having a range of low-cost styles that are a cut above the rest. Whether you choose to buy our leather, synthetic, or combination-style kids’ school shoes, you can trust them to endure the craziest year. 

Buy an oversized pair of kids’ school shoes 


Parents love this age-old favourite! Buying kids’ school shoes that are a size or two too big will help you avoid buying new pairs while students are still growing. The trick to pulling off this method is to fill the extra space while your child’s feet are still small. If your kids’ school shoes fit loosely, they’re more likely to trip over their feet or scuff the material, which is not what anyone wants! To stop this from happening, you simply add an innersole (or other inserts) inside to compensate for the extra room.


Fabric and gel-infused innersoles help absorb regular stress and strain caused by long hours of standing, walking, and racing around. Our kids’ school shoes are already cosy, but students will love the extra support! 

Maintain the high quality with our accessories! 


Kids’ school shoes from our collection get built to last, but you can help them survive even longer with some extra love and care. The cleaning products and other handy accessories in the Everflex collection will help your child’s footwear stay in the best possible condition. So, would you like us to talk you through a few of our top accessories for kids’ school shoes? 


For starters, we have packs of extra laces. These ties come in different lengths, colours, and shapes, which means you can substitute them into any kids’ school shoes, whether they’re styles for the classroom for sports. While the leather and synthetic materials of our styles are easy to clean when it gets dirty, laces can be much trickier.


So, even if you can salvage kids’ school shoes that are too wet, muddy, or covered in mess, the ties can often be a write-off. Frayed, fuzzy, and raggedy laces drag down the entire look of a pair, so you’ll want to swap them out as soon as possible! All you need to do is take the old ties out, loop the new ones in, and your kids’ school shoes are back in business. 


Beyond that, you should also think about investing in an Instant Shine Sponge! When it’s time to clean your kids’ school shoes, you’ll be glad to have a sponge that makes the process so quick and easy. You don’t have to worry about strong-smelling staining solutions or potentially messy polishes with Instant Shine. The sponge works dry, and once you cap it, it’s ready to go! After you’re done scrubbing kids’ school shoes with Instant Shine, they’ll look as good as new (maybe even better!). 

Do you want kids’ school shoes that will last all year long?


Start your students on the right foot this semester with Everflex’s kids’ school shoes! Buy any of our high-quality shoes and some excellent accessories to accompany them, and 2020 will be sorted for students!