How the Right School Shoe Will Increase Your Child’s School Time Enjoyment!

Does your child have issues with their school shoes? They may be a must-have uniform item, but kids don’t always see the appeal of this type of footwear, especially when their casual pairs tend to be colourful and come without regulations. However, school shoes serve an essential function for students, and eventually, they will have to get used to them. Everflex is here to help you get your kids happier with their uniform pairs sooner this season! So, where to begin?

What’s the point of wearing school shoes and uniforms in the first place?


The leading theory behind uniforms is that they teach kids how to dress to a certain standard and maintain personal presentation. The skills students learn by taking care of their school shoes and keeping their uniforms up-to-scratch is supposed to prepare them for workplaces in later life, where their employers will expect the best. As such, you can expect teachers to be strict about enforcing the dress code. Trying to explain that to a younger child can prove challenging, but the point remains. If your child doesn’t want to get in trouble for poor presentation, then he or she will need the uniform and school shoes looking good. 

When was the last time that you checked the fit of your kid’s school shoes? 


If your child is unhappy with their current pair, then there may be an underlying issue. The most likely scenario is that their school shoes no longer fit and are causing some discomfort. 


Too-tight styles can be a significant distraction in the classroom and slow your child down on the playground, so be sure that you regularly check-in on the school shoes. If you have a younger kid, this is especially important, as your child is most likely to have a quick growth spurt, and you may not realise the reason the footwear is so tight all of a sudden. 


To check the fit of your child’s school shoes, get him or her to put them on as usual and then stand up for you. Press down on the top of the style and see if you can feel where their longest toe is resting in the style. If the toes are less than a centimetre from the end of their school shoes, or you can see they’re already pressed against the material, then a new set is in order! 

Does your child hate typical styles?


If your child is bored with stock-standard school shoes, then maybe it’s time to try one of our other fantastic styles. You’ll need to double-check your dress code to make sure these variations will be welcome in the classroom. But, if your child has the option to wear our more casual or more fashionable school shoes, then we highly recommend giving them a go! 


For boys, we have our trendy trainers. These sport school shoes have the same black and glossy finish as our classic classroom designs, but they look like typical casual trainers. The flexible material and soles make for a comfy fit, so they’re ideal for students with long days and demanding schedules. 


For girls, Everflex has Mary-Jane school shoes. These cute laser-cut sandals come with either buckled or touch-fastening straps, so kids of all ages can test them out. In 2020, many teenage students consider these school shoes as the more fashionable option, so you’ll be seeing them in the classroom more and more!

Do you want your child to love their school shoes?


Well, make sure you grab a pair or two from Everflex! Our range has got students covered this semester, no matter what they want or need from their school shoes. Have a browse online today, and see what you can find!