How the Right Pair of Kids' School Shoes Impacts Your Child’s Feet

Do you know that the school shoes you get for your child impact their feet?

Your child's feet develop until puberty, so the footwear they wear for most of the day can affect how their feet will grow. Please get them the right pair of school shoes so their feet will develop as they should.

However, making them wear ill-fitting footwear can impact their feet negatively, leading to deformities they can take into adulthood. And if you don't want that to happen, find the right pair of school shoes for their ages.

The question is, do you know what constitutes the right school shoes for your child?

The Everflex team will gladly provide answers to ensure your child's feet remain protected, supported, and comfortable. So if you're ready to learn, let's start!


Why do I need the proper footwear for my child?

Academic footwear affects your child's concentration and performance in the classroom and playground. Moreover, it can also affect how they relate to their peers.

If the school shoes bother them, they won't be able to give their full attention to their lessons. How can they play with their classmates when the school shoes cause their feet to hurt?

More importantly, well-fitting academic footwear, which they will wear for almost 30 hours weekly, can affect their foot health positively, protecting them from foot, ankle, knee, and hip problems down the line.

In addition, the correct pair of school shoes can influence the foot's structure, function, and development.


Does the shoe's size matter?

Yes, it does. Size, or more specifically, fit, is essential to determining if a pair of school shoes is right for your child. In addition, the right fit determines your child's comfort throughout the day.

To ensure you get the correct measurements for your child's school shoes, please remember the following tips:

  • Take your child shopping with you. When your child is with you, they can try on the school shoes and provide feedback immediately. Then, let them walk around the store to feel their movement with the footwear.

Please remember to bring the socks they're planning to wear with the footwear, as the thickness of the socks can affect the fit and comfort. It will be a dry run of how things will be in the classroom.

  • Shop for school shoes in the afternoon when your child's feet are at their maximum size. Your child's activities—standing, walking, running, and playing—contribute to the swelling of their feet daily.

You need to account for this growth when determining the size of their academic footwear. Not doing so means they'll experience foot pain and discomfort every afternoon.

  • Measuring each foot's length and width is essential in getting their size. But if you need more accurate sizing, you can ask for help from a professional, like a podiatrist or a trained store staff. 

The experts can recommend the best school shoes that provide the support and comfort your child needs to excel.


How can I ensure my child is comfortable all day?

Comfort influences your child's performance in the classroom and playground, so they must be cosy all day. Aside from getting the right fit and size, you must check other features of your child's school shoes.

  • Well-fitting footwear has enough room for your child to spread their toes naturally. However, as this affects balance and stability, you must leave a 1cm gap between their longest toe and the tip of the school shoes. 

Ask your child to wiggle their toes when trying the footwear on to check. Avoid toe boxes that squeeze their toes together, which can cause problems like blisters, claw toes, and hammertoes. 

For the best styles, choose school shoes with rounded or squared toes.

  • Adjustability is another feature that gives your child a comfortable learning experience. Check that the school shoes have any fastening because it gives your child control over the fit. 

Everflex has three types of fastenings available: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. Your child's ideal school shoes and fastening will depend on their skills—pressing straps, locking pins, or tying laces. 

While each has its appeal, your child needs to be able to tighten or loosen their footwear when necessary.


What features should I check for support?

As mentioned, your child's feet develop until puberty, so they must wear school shoes that are supportive and not constricting. To ensure your child gets support, please check these things:

  • Flexibility is essential because school shoes that are too rigid will force your child's feet to exert more effort than usual, affecting growth. 

Their academic footwear must mimic the natural movement of their feet, which means it should only be flexible until the balls of the feet, nothing further. Check the school shoes by bending and twisting them.

If they fold further than the ball area, the footwear will not support your child correctly.

  • A firm heel counter is essential in any pair of school shoes as it supports your child's foot during gait. In addition, it helps lock the foot into the shoe and anchors it to the midsole.

Before purchasing school shoes, check them by pressing into them. You shouldn't be able to flatten an excellent heel counter because it can't provide the feet with much support if you can.


Is style an essential aspect of school shoes boys and girls must consider?

The style of your child's school shoes is essential for their self-confidence. Wearing the popular fad will make your child feel like they belong. Usually, peers or classmates influence your child to choose everyone else's school shoes.

As the parent, you're responsible for ensuring the style they want has all the features we mentioned. If it doesn't, explain to your child that they must wear different school shoes for their own sake.


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