How School Shoes Will Make or Break Your Uniform Presentation

Your child's appearance can affect other people's perception of them. Therefore, since school shoes are essential to how they present themselves in the academic institution, you should give them high importance.

Academic footwear is the finishing touch that can make or break their uniform. Look at it this way—if you saw a chef wearing heels while working in the kitchen or a football player in slides, wouldn't it put you off?

Every student tries to avoid going to class unprepared and scruffy. As such, the kind of school shoes your child wears must check all the uniform requirements established by institutions.

Teachers who enforce the dress codes often tell the students that conforming to uniform rules is a good practice for what they will encounter later in life.

Knowing how to follow directions, dress well, and use the correct school shoes will remind them of the value of lasting impressions.


What are the advantages of wearing school shoes that match with uniforms?

Let's look at the benefits of ensuring that their school shoes check all the requirements and tick all the features.


1. Better Impression 

Some teachers base their judgements about students on how they present themselves.

For example, if your child enters the classroom with polished and well-maintained school shoes, teachers may conclude that their appearance shows how they work and perform—meticulously and with care.

It also affects their perception of how things are at home. When they notice that school shoes are becoming dirty and uniforms are wrinkly, teachers think something's wrong with how parents manage things at home.


2. Increased Peer Acceptance 

Sadly, what your child wears to school can impact how others treat them. For example, if your child is not wearing popular school shoes, other students may tease them and not include them in the games.

When this happens, it can affect your child’s self-confidence and performance. In addition, unacceptable styles can cause emotional pain, sometimes worse than physical pain.


3. Improve Academic Performance 

In line with the previous point, lack of confidence is one of the barriers to outstanding academic performance.

Your kid will have less anxiety and be able to provide greater attention in class if they wear a great pair of school shoes and are instantly embraced by classmates and invited to join play groups.

In addition, confidence will help them overcome shyness and start being more active and participative.


4. Groundwork for the Real World 

As mentioned, learning how to present themselves at a young age, through their uniforms and school shoes, will set the foundation for how they will be when they join the workforce. Others call it a first brush with presentation expectations, which get more intense as they age.

There's an unspoken requirement that people should look a certain way, depending on the situation. Starting them young with something like school shoes that fit their uniforms will lead to dressing professionally in adulthood.

Likewise, knowing how to choose the correct footwear to match uniforms can someday lead to finding the proper footwear for their first job interview.


5. Boost Professionalism 

Have you ever felt how a change in outfit helps you perform better?

For instance, when you wear high heels, you transform into a girl boss who means business at work, the same way a football player wears cleats to the field. Once they put their footwear on, it's game time!

The same thing goes for school shoes. Wearing school shoes is a signal for your child to behave as expected—with respect, proper etiquette, and engagement in the classroom.

In addition, a well-kept pair of school shoes with a crisp uniform will make them stand taller and sit straighter!


6. Learn Responsibility 

Your children are responsible for how their uniform looks with your assistance. But over time, they must learn to be independent and remember to keep their school shoes presentable and their uniform neat.

Once they have learned what to do with their school shoes and uniform, it will stem off to other things.

For example, some academic institutions put sanctions and penalties for not following rules and regulations, which your kids could avoid by being responsible.


Is taking care of kids' school shoes easy?

Yes, it is. You can help your child learn how to care for their school shoes. Then, they'll be able to do it on their own. The Everflex team will share a doable weekly care routine.


1. Brush and wipe the school shoes gently with a soft brush or cloth. If the material is leather, use a leather conditioner. Ensure you remove the laces from the school shoes, if there are some, before applying the conditioner.

2. Allow the footwear to dry naturally, away from direct heat sources such as the sun and heaters, because they dry the material and cause them to crack. Hasten the drying process of the school shoes with the help of newspapers. Place the scrunched-up newspaper inside the footwear and utilise its moisture-absorbing capability.

3. Use instant shine from Everflex to bring the school shoes back to life.

4. Use a soft brush or cleaning cloth to remove the polish and buffer the school shoes.

5. Store the footwear in a designated closet or rack. Please remind your children not to leave their school shoes where floating dust can attach to them.

6. Teach your kids the proper way to remove their footwear. Open the fastenings first, if there are any, then gently pull the footwear off each foot. Never use their other foot to kick off the school shoes.


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