How School Shoes Make Your Child Look Professional And Presentable

Finding the Perfect School Shoes

School shoes are the finishing touch to any uniform, as footwear makes all the difference to an outfit. If you don't believe us about school shoes, then think about how a police officer would look wearing ugg-boots while on patrol. What would people think of an AFL player wearing sandals on the field? If school shoes didn't make the rest of the uniform look sharp and presentable, then they would have been scrapped from the student shopping list decades ago. And, as any dress-code-enforcing teacher will tell their students: conforming to the use of uniforms is practice for later life. Learning to take care of your school shoes and attire is supposed to prepare kids for the expectations of the adult world.

Why should kids learn how to look presentable?

The majority of professional workplaces enforce dress codes on their employees, whether that means suits and ties, skirts at a certain length, or specific footwear. Most adults will be lucky to work in any job without clothing regulations, let alone one where they get casual days. As such, learning how to maintain and wear uniforms and school shoes develops valuable life skills; even if kids hardly realize that they're learning them.

After all, a teacher might get mad about a sloppy uniform and scuffed school shoes, but a manager might fire someone for that! An employer expects their workers to represent their company by presenting themselves appropriately, so kids who don't learn that early on are in for a rude shock.   

School shoes can teach kids a lot about preparation and organization

Similarly, having kids only wear their school shoes helps them become mindful and not misplace or forget them. If you can appreciate that you would never be allowed to go to classes in your messy trainers, then you can understand that sneakers also wouldn't be acceptable in a formal office. Beyond looking good, uniforms can also teach kids to be mindful of their belongings. Losing your single set of school shoes could be a disaster, or make you late to class.

Apply that logic to a construction worker and their only pair of safety boots, and you see why these are essential skills to learn. Like school shoes, a lost pair of work boots need replacement, which is going to cost you. Once you're old enough to have a job, it's going to be your money that buys the next pair! 

Some school shoes create a bridge into the working world

For many teenagers entering the workforce, school shoes may be the pair that they start work in too. All-black school shoes complement uniforms of all different colours, and their long-lasting comfort is perfect for standing through long shifts. Most entry-level jobs require you to provide your footwear, and school shoes are an easy way to avoid shopping for a new pair.

Then again, sometimes this works in reverse too! At Everflex, our collection slip-resistant styles are designed especially for fast-food, hospitality, and retail workers. There are heaps of built-in designs benefits, such as shock-absorption, padded innersoles, non-marking outsoles, and oil resistance. And, while they are technically corporate footwear, they can double as school shoes for teens who are also studying.

How can you help your kids learn?

Everflex can't teach kids how to be organized, but we can help them appear presentable. The trick to getting professional-looking school shoes is maintaining them, and our care products have got that covered! To shine, clean, and seal material, grab some Dubbin for your shelf! Otherwise, our no-mess Instant Shine sponges can work their magic in seconds.

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