How Our School Shoes Support Your Feet Throughout the School Day!

School shoes play an essential role in your child's learning experience. They are not there merely to fulfill a uniform policy but to ensure your child's developing feet form correctly. With bones fusing and all other foot changes happening, your child needs supportive academic shoes that aid these developments.

So, how can Everflex school shoes support your child's feet throughout the day?

Let's call our Everflex team to show how their shoes support your children. We will also share the repercussions if you get the wrong ones.

They could suffer these ill effects until adulthood, which can be costly. But why take that risk when they can wear comfortable and supportive shoes from Everflex, which are affordable too?

If you're eager to start learning, our team is too! Let's begin!


Qualities in school shoes boys and girls appreciate 

As mentioned, wearing academic footwear is not just a requirement for fulfillment but also a way to ensure your children remain healthy and safe. Here is how Everflex shoes support your children five times a week.


1. Stability  

Well-fitting footwear is the massive difference that will save your children from scuffed knees and wounds. Your children will participate in activities, move in different directions, and run around the playground. 

These activities are all accident-prone, but thankfully, Everflex shoes provide them with the stability to lessen the chances of trips and slips.

Your children can say yes to joining in on the fun and games, reassured with the knowledge that their footwear has soles providing adequate traction.


2. Self-Confidence 

Buying your child's shoes from Everflex means quality, and that will help them fit in with their peers more. In addition, kids want to avoid standing out as students with ugly footwear.

When you choose any of the designs and styles available at Everflex, your kid will feel confident with what they're wearing, boosting their ability to interact with other kids.


3. Comfort 

Comfortable shoes will give your children the support they need to get through the day. However, even adults lose concentration when they experience painful footwear, so imagine how it can affect your kid.

Blisters, constant rubbing, and tight footwear can irritate your children, distract them from their lessons, and impact their foot's health. You can help them focus and improve their learning by removing sore feet from the equation.


How Can Ill-Fitting School Shoes Affect Your Child?

The wrong footwear can affect your children in various ways. So let’s look at them.


1. Foot Health Problems 

They claim that most adult foot problems began when they wore ill-fitting shoes as a young kid. It can cause life-long problems and affect other body parts like the ankles, knees, and back.

Minor issues like blisters are still tolerable, but more complex effects of wearing the wrong pair include ingrown toenails, bunions, hammertoes, calluses, and corns.

Soft, pliable cartilage makes up your child's feet. Unfortunately, they only entirely turn into a bone in the later years, which means they can get impacted by too small or tight footwear.


2. Poor Posture 

Posture matters because it plays a massive role in keeping your child's weight centred. If they wear the wrong kind of shoes, it can affect their balance and sporting performance. How can footwear affect posture?

The curve of the feet supports the angle of the spine, which means the shoes must protect the feet to ensure that your children can stand and walk in alignment.

Conversely, the wrong footwear can worsen your child's posture, leading to back pain and long-term damage they can carry into adulthood.


3. Low Self-Esteem 

The wrong pair can make your kid feel inferior to their classmates. In addition, your children will feel shy and left out, thinking they cannot join in because of what they're wearing.

Sadly, your child's footwear can cause ridicule, while excellent ones can boost self-confidence. A good pair of Everflex shoes can make your kid jump higher, run faster, and, more importantly, give them the confidence to join in on the fun and play with other people.


What features should be present?

Your child's school shoes must have several features to ensure they get the support they need to perform well and stand tall in class. Here are some of the essential ones.


1. Flexible 

Their shoes must mimic the natural movement of your child's feet, bending in specific areas only when they walk or move. As such, you must check the footwear's flexibility by pushing the toe upward.

Like your child's feet, the footwear must bend only until the balls of the feet, nothing further. So it allows your kid to push off with their toes while the rest of their feet remain stable, protected, and supported.


2. Adjustable 

The presence of fastenings ensures that your kid can adjust the fit of their footwear at will. In addition, it gives them control over how tight their footwear is to keep them comfortable and safe. 

In addition, fastenings ensure their footwear stays in place so they won't trip on it.


3. Correct Fit 

Always ensure that the footwear fits your children correctly. The best way to get the correct measurements is to bring them to a professional. The podiatrist can recommend the ideal footwear for their foot type.

If you're responsible for taking your child's measurements, you must get their size in the afternoon or evening to account for the growth caused by their feet swelling. Remember to get the width and length of each foot separately.

The widest part of their feet must correspond to the broadest part of the shoe. As for length, leave a 1 cm gap between the tip of their longest toe and the footwear. 

Wiggle toe is essential as it affects their balance and stability. Aside from the space to wiggle their toes in, choose shoes with wide-toe boxes, preferably round or square-toed.

Ensure they try the footwear with the socks they intend to wear during the year. It's an excellent way to dry-run how the elements fit together.


Get supportive kids' school shoes from Everflex! 

Knowing the repercussions of wearing the wrong pair should motivate you to find the right ones. No need to look far, as Everflex has all your child's needs. Head to the nearest store or the online shop!

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