How Often Should You Be Purchasing New School Shoes

Children are going to keep on growing out of kids' school shoes, and there’s no way to get around that fact or avoid it. Trying to schedule your next shopping trip seems illogical when a growth spurt (or two) can wreck your plans. So, how often should you purchase kids' school shoes? How will you know when a new pair is needed? 


Ask the person wearing them


For a start, remember to ask your child if their kids’ school shoes still feel okay. The person wearing the too-tight pair tends to realise what’s happening first, after all. When your children start coming home complaining about sore and tender feet, it’s time to check how much space they have left inside their kids’ school shoes. 


Here’s a quick way to check the fit:


While your child is standing up (with their official uniform socks on, please!), press down on the top of their kids’ school shoes and find the end of their longest toe. There should be a centimetre between the end of their toes and the tip of the style. If the gap is any shorter, or you can feel your child’s toes crammed against the material, then add a new set of kids’ school shoes to your shopping list. 


Test the fit during the holidays


To be safe, we’d recommend checking kids’ school shoes two weeks before the semester starts, so you can guarantee that a new pair will get delivered in time. Everflex has express shipping available for customers (express kids’ school shoes take roughly 2-5 business days to arrive at their destination), so the latest you’d want to leave your order would be a week. 


Do you need some extra incentive to shop during this period? Well, we can tell you that you’ll be able to snag an excellent deal on your kids’ school shoes if you do. Everflex offers plenty of promotions throughout the year, but our best ones occur during the pre-semester sales, and you’re guaranteed to save! 


Check sneaker, trainers, and sporty kids’ school shoes too! 


Sportswear is easy to forget, so make a note to remember. When it’s time for a new set of kids’ school shoes, make sure that you double-check on their active footwear. Like your child’s classroom pair, their sneakers and trainers are essential throughout the semester. Active kids’ school shoes are necessary for PE and fitness classes, outdoor activities, and extracurricular sports. And, given that these pairs need to pull off fast-paced manoeuvres, deal with high impact and stress, and provide support to developing muscles and bones, an ill-fitting set won’t cut it. So, when your kids’ school shoes start getting cramped, use the fit check we described above and assess their sneakers and trainers too!  


Do you want to increase the time between purchases?


There’s debate about whether parents should get oversized kids’ school shoes. The advantage of a too-big pair is that you can let your children grow into the style and avoid buying those in-between sizes. The disadvantage is that kids’ school shoes in the wrong size can be awkward to walk in, make your children trip and stumble, and lack crucial support and comfort. Luckily for you, Everflex has a trick to help you pull it off! Innersoles are the ultimate compromise. These inserts provide much-needed support and make kids’ school shoes feel super comfy. Plus, our padded fabric innersoles fill the empty spaces in oversized styles, so the risk of slips reduces!


Has this been helpful? 


With luck, you’ve got a better idea of when to buy for kids’ school shoes now. If not, feel free to peruse our other helpful articles for more information!