How Often Should You Be Buying Your Child New School Shoes?

How often should you be buying school shoes for your child? There are a few ways to answer this question, so we’ll do our best to cover all possible bases. With our many years of experience helping parents and outfitting students in fantastic school shoes, Everflex has had plenty of time to think it over.


In our opinion, you should always keep kids in footwear that fits perfectly. This guarantees they’ll get the comfort and support they need during weeks and weeks of classes and activities. Of course, we don’t think that parents should have to spend a small fortune to replace their children’s worn-down school shoes either. Like so many things in life, buying uniform footwear is a balancing act, and it can take a bit of time to get the process right. 


We’ll do our best to give you some insight into the issue today and see if we can develop a solution that works for everyone! 


Have you checked the fit of their school shoes recently?


Sending your children off for the day in footwear that fits correctly is imperative. While teens, preteens and young kids are all still growing, their feet are vulnerable and deserve due care. Also, students lead busy lives. They have their extra-curricular activities and sports practise! Surely, they can’t be expected to perform without proper school shoes. This could mean regular classroom styles or sporty sneakers and trainers. Whichever style they need, they must be receiving the right amount of support. 


A proper-fitting set of school shoes is the best place to start. So, when was the last time that you tested home much room your child’s pair had left? You’d be surprised (or horrified) by how quickly children can grow out of their school shoes, which is why we recommend checking regularly. It is a great time to immediately test it after they get home for the day— if their feet swell, testing after a full day of wear will give you the most accurate results. 


Have your child stand upright and keep still, then press down on the top of their school shoes. Can you feel their longest toe through the material? Once you’ve found the ends of their toes, do a quick assessment of the remaining space. School shoes should always have a centimetre gap between the end and their feet, which stops kids’ toes from rubbing painfully against the fabric. Is there less than a thumb’s width left of space inside? Well, you’ll need to add school shoes to your shopping list as soon as you can. 


Don’t forget to do an update for your child’s other pairs too! For instance, if you’ve noticed that their regular classroom pair are getting a bit small, then the same is probably true for their sportswear. Ensure that you arrange to get another pair of sneakers or trainers when you’re updating their collection, and there’s no way you can go wrong! 


You should be buying new school shoes as little as possible! 


In the ideal scenario, you would only need to purchase styles for your son or daughter once they’d grow out of their current set. Who wants to be replacing school shoes that get scuffed, torn, or worn out within a few months? 


When Everflex designs styles for students, we take their habits into account and adjust accordingly. We know children aren’t always going to take good care of their school shoes. As such, we’ve created our styles for children who scuff their toes on classroom floors, love getting dirty on the playground, and kick balls around during recess and lunch. Our school shoes can keep up while your children run around and have fun with their friends!


There are so many other things that you’ll need to buy to get your kids ready for the classroom and take care of them while they’re studying. School shoes are simply one more item on a long list of books, binders, stationery, hats, socks and uniforms that you’ll need to buy annually. Why not take the chance to save when you can?


Shop at Everflex in 2021, and get a pair of school shoes that will last until your child outgrows them! Think of all the money you’ll be able to save and put towards other things when you don’t have to worry about replacing your child’s footwear. 


Do you want to avoid buying too many school shoes? Let us tell you about our favourite trick! 


Sometimes, the most complex problems have straightforward solutions. Our top tip for keeping on top of school shoes and avoiding buying them every time your child has a growth spurt is to pick up an oversized pair. 


Pick a good time, like when a promotion or sale is on at Everflex, and buy your child’s go-to design in a bigger size. We remember at least two sizes higher than what your child fits into at the time. That way, you can extend the life of their school shoes and avoid purchasing any of those in-between sizes. 


Talk about a great outcome, right? But what if your child outgrows their current school shoes, and the style waiting in the wardrobe is still too big? Don’t freak out because there’s an easy and simple solution available.


The only risk of wearing oversized school shoes is that they might slip around on your child’s feet, and we’ve got a way to solve that problem: innersoles! Slide these foot care inserts into your son or daughter’s pair, and they will make up any space inside. Our comfort form, fabric and gel innersoles all come in a different thickness, so you can pick the style that will fit the amount of space you need to fill in your child’s school shoes. 


As well as stopping your kids from tripping up in their new pair, innersoles will also cushion and support their feet. During long and busy days of classes and activities, students will appreciate the extra support underfoot. 


How are you feeling about school shoes now?


Do you like the sound of our money-saving tips? Did you learn anything new or enjoy examining some typical issues with school shoes in a different way? We hope that you’ve found our little guide helpful and that you’re feeling less daunted about the prospect of buying styles in 2021.


If you’ve still got questions, or want some other fantastic tips, then consult another of our helpful articles. Do you want to save money on school shoes, get a style that lasts your kid ages, and avoid unnecessary purchases? 


Make Everflex your primary place to shop in 2021, and you can do it all!