How Often Should You Be Buying New School Shoes?

How often should you be buying new school shoes? Let us give you some hints! 

Listen to your kids if they start complaining about their school shoes!


Students wear the same uniform and footwear week-in and week-out. As such, they are almost guaranteed to be the first to know (or realise) that their school shoes are suddenly feeling tight and restrictive. When feet get cramped into too-small styles, blisters, foot cramps, and other irritating and uncomfortable symptoms crop up. If your children start complaining about sore feet when they get home, then it might be time to get a new pair of school shoes. Do you know how to check the fit of footwear? 

Testing the size of school shoes only takes a minute!


Get your child to put their pair on as usual (uniform socks/stockings/tights included) and stand up. The first check that you can do is with your eyes— can you see their toes pressing against the material of their school shoes? Next, try pressing down on the tip of the style, until you can feel the end of your kids’ toes. How much space do they have left in their school shoes? In the ideal fit scenario, they should have roughly a centimetre (a thumb’s width, if you want to judge by hand) of room to spare. 

Don’t forget about active school shoes! 


If you’re replacing classroom school shoes, then sneakers, trainers, and sportswear should be on your next shopping list. You kids need the best-fitting traditional styles because they spend the majority of their week walking, standing, sitting, and running around in them. Sporty school shoes need replacing just as quickly, but for a slightly different reason. Sneakers and trainers get built for maximum performance during physical activities.


All the features on your child’s sporty school shoes are there to ensure that they get the support, comfort, and stability that they need. During their PE classes, kids can play sports, run sprints or long distances, go climbing, or pursue other niche activities. Ill-fitting school shoes are instant sabotage. 

You won’t ever miss out on the right styles!


Did you know that Everflex keeps a full range of school shoes stocked throughout the year? It’s true! Unlike other retailers, who might only stock styles during peak periods (like the end of the holidays and weeks before the start of the next semester); Everflex always has shelves brimming with options. 


You won’t need to worry if your child has a growth spurt in the middle of the semester, and you will need to replace their school shoes immediately. Simply jump online and order a new pair from Everflex. If you’re a regular customer and can remember the name of the design your child has, then it can be as easy and straightforward as entering the name into our search engine, selecting the next size-up, and placing your order! 

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t think ahead before buying your next pair!


Everflex runs all sorts of sales, discounts, and deals during the year. And, some of our best sales for school shoes do occur in pre-semester periods. Luckily, this is also the perfect time for parents to look.


After the holidays, it’s always a good idea to check the fit of your child’s school shoes, as they might have grown during the weeks of break. We recommend having a look a week or so before they’re due back in the classroom. You can beat the crazy crowds in-store by shopping online and kick back while you wait for the new set to get delivered. 

Now, get to it!


Everflex’s excellent school shoes are ready and waiting for you!