How Often Should I Be Buying My Child New School Shoes?

Everflex has the best range of girls’ school shoes all year long. But when is the ideal time for you to buy a new pair for your little student? We have a few ideas we’d like to share with you today; keep reading for all the details!


When should you shop for new girls’ school shoes? 

Customers get the best deals on uniform styles when they shop in the lead-up to the new term or semester. Make sure that you see if your child needs girls’ school shoes towards the end of the holidays. Not only will this prevent you from sending your kids to class in styles they’ve outgrown during the break, but it will also see that you benefit from our bargain sale prices! Everflex regularly offers discounts and promotions on shoes, and the ultimate sales come during the holidays. And remember, don’t leave your shopping until the last minute, or you might send your child back in a tiny style that causes aches, pains, and foot cramps! 


When should you replace activewear?

You can leave your children in traditional girls’ school shoes for a while, especially if you suspect they’re in the middle of a growth spurt. But, when it comes to sneakers and trainers, you should replace the pair as soon as it starts to get small. Because they get worn for fast-paced and physically demanding activities, active girls’ school shoes must offer the best support and stability for students. Everflex’s sneakers and trainers come with built-in support and absorb shock, but those handy features are meaningless when a too-tight fit sabotages them. You need to get proper-fitting girls’ school shoes for your child so that she can make the most of every game, workout, and PE class. Is your little one due for a new classroom pair? Well then, add sneakers to your shopping list too! 


Check the fit of your girls’ school shoes before buying a new set!

If you suspect that your daughter has outgrown her current footwear, then there is an easy way to confirm your suspicions. For a start, have your child put her girls’ school shoes on as normal (socks/stockings included, of course) and get her to stand up. Press down on the top and feel around until you find the end of her longest toe. Ideally, girls’ school shoes should leave a centimetre of room between their toes and the end of the style. This ensures that they aren’t too cramped. If you can feel (or see) that her toes are pressing against the material, then it is time for new girls’ school shoes! 


You might buy a new pair for the warmer seasons! 

Are regular girls’ school shoes too stifling and hot for your child during summer and spring? You don’t want your child to be uncomfortable in the classroom because her feet are overcooking! We know that many kids benefit from warm-weather girls’ school shoes with additional breathability. Here at Everflex, we recommend Mary-Jane sandals. These laser-cut designs are fun, stylish, and offer the best airflow thanks to their open-top look. Since they have covered toes, Mary-Jane girls’ school shoes won’t break the dress code either. 


You can do the reverse for the colder months too!

As the sunny weather disappears, replace your Mary-Jane style girls’ school shoes with a traditional look. Our classic designs offer full coverage for feet, which helps protect them from rain, puddles, and frosty winds! 


When will you buy new girls’ school shoes?

Do you have a clearer idea of when the optimal time to buy will be for you in 2020? Search through our other articles for more tips and timing tricks, or start looking for new girls’ school shoes today!