How Many Types Of School Shoes Does My Child Need?

How many types of kids’ school shoes do you children need this semester? That’s a good question, but it’s one that only you will know the answer to! Students have different schedules, and they are going to require footwear for those different activities. Lucky for you, Everflex has a whole host of kids’ school shoes that can cater to your child’s needs. We have classic designs, sporty styles, non-slip designs, and all sorts of other looks. To help you figure out which of these kids’ school shoes you should be adding to your shopping cart, Everflex is here to provide a quick rundown of each seminal style!


Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

Traditional kids’ school shoes are the leading look at Everflex. These designs are the go-to uniform pair for children of all ages. You will recognize these kids’ school shoes from their rounded toes and glossy black material. Here at Everflex, we have versions with laces, buckled straps, and touch-fastening tabs. As such, you can find these timeless kids’ school shoes for children of all ages! Our expansive range of sizes will also ensure that your little students always have a pair that fits them. Traditional styles are a must-have in every child’s collection, so make sure these go on your next shopping list! 


Does your daughter get overheated feet during summer and spring? 

Since kids’ school shoes covered their feet entirely, they can get hot during the warmer months. Does your daughter complain about getting sweaty feet during these seasons? Well, then you should add Mary-Jane sandals to your 2020 uniform list. Children may not be able to wear casual sandals into the classroom, but these airy kids’ school shoes are fair game! This sort of style offers excellent air circulation thanks to the partially open top and laser-cut décor. With a set of Mary-Jane kids’ school shoes on her feet, your daughter won’t need to worry about overheating feet this summer!


Does your teenager have a part-time job?

Our slip-resistant kids’ school shoes can double as a working pair! These designs come with all sorts of safety features, including non-slip soles with grooved grip. As kids’ school shoes, the extra arch support and cushioning will be fantastic during long classes. And, as footwear for work, the slip-resistant design is perfect for the retail environment, hospitality industry, and fast-food restaurants. Not only will you be getting your teenager a great set of kids’ school shoes, but you can also save yourself the hassle (and expense) of buying a job pair. So, if your young adult is looking for part-time work or already has a job, then grab this two-for-one style! 


Make sure that you remember sneakers and trainers!

Active kids’ school shoes are an essential item in any student’s wardrobe. They will need trainers for PE classes during the week, and for any afternoon practices or weekend games if they play a sport. At Everflex, our sneaker-style kids’ school shoes come in block colours of black or white. We also have versions with touch-fastening tabs and others with laces, which means younger and older students have their pick of the lot. You can get away with slightly undersized kids’ school shoes for a while, but ill-fitting sportswear needs immediate replacement, or your children will be at risk of muscle cramps, strains, and other pains. When was the last time you checked that your child’s pair fitted correctly? 


Which of these kids’ school shoes do your children need for 2020?

Will it be a traditional design, slip-resistant style, Mary-Jane look, or a new pair of sneakers? What about one of each? Consider your options, then come and make your selection! The best kids’ school shoes are waiting for you online at Everflex.