How Everflex Will Help You Get The Perfect Fit!

Students can get a perfect-fitting pair from Everflex, every time kids’ school shoes are the footwear that children wear most often during the year, so they must get a set in the ideal size. As such, we do our utmost to ensure that finding the right size is simple, straightforward, and fast. Today, we’ll tell you about a few of the ways we make it easier to shop for kids’ school shoes! 


We begin by offering students an enormous range of sizes!

Children always seem to be growing, and we understand that this makes it difficult to keep up with their correct sizes. Luckily, Everflex has had enough experience with kids’ school shoes to figure out the solution: to offer as many sizes as possible! Our sizes start at tiny toddler sizes and end at big preteen designs, and we don’t neglect any of the spaces in-between. As such, it’s impossible to shop for kids’ school shoes from our shelf and not find something that fits your little one! Beyond that, we’ve also bridged the gap between our different collections. Instead of leaving a size or two between our biggest kids’ school shoes and smallest adult sizes, Everflex allows for a smooth transition into the men’s and women’s range, which means students can switch straight over once they get big enough. 


Everflex also provides kids’ school shoes with adjustable and age-appropriate fastenings!

In the Everflex collection, you will see lace-up, buckled, and touch-fastening designs. No matter which of these kids’ school shoes you decide to take home, you guarantee your children get an adjustable fit. Laced styles are the most customizable, but the other fastenings can all be changed and altered for a better fit effortlessly. The main reason we have different fittings on our kids’ school shoes is that we want the best for students of all ages. Younger children, for instance, a better off with touch-fastening straps, which they’ll find less tricky than laces. As such, most lace-up kids’ school shoes come in sizes big enough for preteens and young adults, while stick-down straps get featured on our smallest styles. Meanwhile, our buckled Mary-Jane styles fall somewhere between! 


You can consult our handy size guide if you need help! 

Is this your first time shopping for kids’ school shoes Everflex? If you need help figuring out which measurements our sizes compare to, then you’ll appreciate the convenience of our online guide! This chart compares standard UK, US, and EU measurements with sizes of Everflex’s kids’ school shoes. So, if you know at least one of these sizes which fits your child, then figuring out the other relevant measurements will be no struggle. Talk about convenience! 


We have care accessories that can pad out oversized kids’ school shoes!

It isn’t uncommon for parents to buy bigger styles so that their children can grow into them. After all, getting a size or two larger can help parents avoid rapid-pace buying to replace kids’ school shoes when students hit a growth spurt. However, if you choose to take this route, then you’ll need to make sure your children aren’t tripping over their too-big kids’ school shoes or getting blisters from them. And, the best way to fill the extra space is to add innersoles inside. We have comfort foam inserts and gel-infused innersoles here at Everflex. These inserts offer additional arch support and will also help correct the fit of your kids’ school shoes. With innersoles there to cushion your child’s feet, you can put a stop to sores and skinned knees caused by ill-fitting footwear. 


With Everflex, you can always get the best kids’ school shoes! 

So, stop in a shop with us! Our kids’ school shoes will give students the comfiest fit!