Hot Topic: How Long Should School Shoes Really Last?

When shopping at the brands shop for school shoes, every parent's question always relates to how long should these kicks last? Investing in a pair of school shoes can take a chunk out of the budget. This issue is especially so if there is more than one child to shop for. 


So, saving money is a big priority for parents who are shopping for kids school shoes. We know that investing in footwear that is trusted to last for a while, and hopefully the entire educational year, is super necessary. But as every parent comes to realise, a pair of footwear can vary in how long they last. School shoes should last for approximately six months which equates to around 700 hours of wear. 


This tip can change over time, especially if the pair of school shoes are not worn consistently every day and every week. Your best bet to know when school shoes will last until is to assume that they should be good to go for one year. 


There are many ways that these kicks should be cared for to ensure the footwear can last as long as we said it could. Our tips and tricks on how to keep your kid's footwear well-looked are down below. Keep on reading and close checkout to find out more about the Everflex crew. 


1. Rotate Your Kids School Shoes!


One method to implement for your child's school shoes is to ensure that they are rotated. This is only useful if they have two or three pairs of school shoes in their wardrobe. This can include old pairs of kicks or menu shop-new school shoes. 


The wear and tear of the footwear will not matter as much when they are placed into a rotation. If your child has a main pair of school shoes daily, it may become beneficial to have a backup pair of kicks. 


This tip can assist with placing their footwear in a rotation system so that their main pair of kicks do not wear out as quickly. By implementing this process into your family routine, you may get more wear out of the pair of kicks and can use an old pair of footwear every so often until they are all broken. 


A rotation system for your child's school shoes can help with prolonging the life of these kicks. It is worth a try!  


2. Wash Them! 


Another method that can help to prolong your child's pair of school shoes is to keep them clean. It is hard to keep footwear clean sometimes because they are made for walking, which results in dirty kicks. 


When it comes to school shoes, any cleaning process can help to prolong their shelf life. This tip is what every parent loves to hear. For school shoes not made of leather, you can easily throw them into the washing machine and give them a clean. 


This tip is super helpful for canvas sneakers or all-white, touch-fastening kicks that need a good rinse to remove any mud stains or dirt remnants. 


For the footwear made of leather, it is best not to put them through the wash as this process can affect the material and ruin the pair of kicks. There is a range of other methods to use when you need to clean a pair of leather school shoes. 


If the footwear starts to smell, all you have to do is place some baking soda in the footwear and let it sit overnight. In the morning, you can shake out the excess baking soda from the footwear. 


See how quickly the school shoes smell so much better. To all customer, creating these hacks to cleaning your child's school shoes will put a smile on every parent's dial!


3. Buy the Correct Size!


To ensure that your child's pair of school shoes can last for a long time, you need to invest in the correct size. Many parents are encouraged to invest in school shoes that are one or two sizes bigger than their child's actual foot size. 


This tip may seem beneficial, so then the kicks can last slightly longer than expected. However, there are more downfalls to this process than benefits. If you buy your child a pair of large school shoes, it can affect their growth and development.


This issue results in an uneven walk to make up for the lack of support in the footwear. Our hot tip when it comes to investing in a pair of footwear and ensuring that they last for the expected duration, then you should get the correct size for your child, especially gender boys. You will thank us later! 


4. Only Wear Them at School and Avoid Rough Weather! 


One way to ensure that your child's pair of school shoes can last for the entire footwear lifespan is to wear them during the day. When your child comes home after a day of learning and play, a good habit of getting into is to take off their school shoes before heading inside. 


This tip can help to minimise the amount of time spent wearing these kicks, which will prolong their shelf life. This tip can also apply to after-hours activities, where your child's pair of school shoes should be swapped out for a casual pair of kicks when taking part in other activities.


 Another trick to keep in mind is to swap out the pair of school shoes for either casual kicks or an old pair of school shoes when the weather is rough. Any excess rain, heat or mud can damage your child's footwear much quicker than their expected lifetime, so it will be beneficial to always have a backup pair of footwear on hand during cold weather. 


5. Do Not Forget Accessories!


The easiest way to prolong the life of your child's school shoes is to invest in some accessories. These are a quick fix to any pair of school shoes exposed to wear and tear (which is totally normal!). Accessories for your child's school shoes will go a long way which can help to prolong their shelf life.


Some accessories that are worthy of investing in are backup laces and socks. So subscribe fusion rewards to get more accessories!These are the first parts of the footwear that will experience some wear and tear, so it is super beneficial to faster checkout plenty of backup items from your favourite fusion brands. 


If your child's footwear is becoming uncomfortable, all you need to do is place some innersoles into the footwear. This tip will give our child's feet a boost of support and comfort in the footwear and help them last longer than expected. Woohoo! 


Feel like your kid's pair of school shoes are ready for a refresh?


If you have noticed some very worn-out school shoes in your house, then it may be time to hit the refresh button and update them. Your children will feel super grateful once they receive their new and improved pair of school shoes.


Now you know how to look after them as well, so head to the top online shopping store, the Everflex website, today to pick your next pair. Never forget this at your next online shopping. Enjoy amazing rewards and exclusive offers plus many benefits using your account email! So continue shopping with us!