Here’s How You Can Make The School Transition A Little Easier For Your Little One!

Do you need to make kids’ school shoes feel more fun and less intimidating?

If your children are having a rough time trying to transition into a classroom setting, then we can offer a time-tested trick to help get new students on their way. So, settle in, and we’ll teach you all that you need to know about making kids’ school shoes more fun!  

Why do some children struggle to make the switch to kids’ school shoes? 

The shift into the classroom can be tough for your child to adjust to, so you must prepare for that. Most children enjoy their early years of education, but there are heaps of new and challenging things to deal with that come with this new environment as well. First, they have to wear uniforms and kids’ school shoes that they’ve never had to before now. All of the dress code rules are unfamiliar, and your little student is also spending time away from home and family suddenly. Compared to the cute and colourful footwear that children are used to at their age, the traditional black of kids’ school shoes can seem dull. Luckily, Everflex has a handy tip to convince your children otherwise. 

Let your children wear their kids’ school shoes before the first day

The idea may seem counter-intuitive (since you want the style to last as long as possible), but it’s a great way to get your children used to their uniforms. Remember that at this stage, they’ll grow out of this original pair quickly anyways. By sending children out in their kids’ school shoes before they hit the classroom, you can help your children built up some positive associations with them. You can remove a few pre-term worries (and get your children comfortable with the idea of uniforms) if the first time that your children get to wear their kids’ school shoes is when they’re having fun on the playground. Getting students to try these items early is also an excellent way to check that their clothing and kids’ school shoes fit right and feel comfy. You don’t want ill-fitting footwear to make your children miserable in an exciting orientation week. Since you can have them try out their kids’ school shoes and their sneakers or PE class pair as well, there should be no nasty surprises when it is finally go-time.  

Now, what’s the best way to get kids’ school shoes?  

As long as you plan and leave yourself enough time to let your children build up this familiarity with their new kids’ school shoes, you can ensure that everything goes to plan when its finally time to send them into the classroom. We highly recommend that you shop during the last few weeks before the term, since this is when most sales and promotions are happening. And, while buying kids’ school shoes online from Everflex is incredibly straightforward, their first pair should be professionally fitted for comfort and support. Spendless Shoes is our exclusive in-store stockist of kids’ school shoes, and they can direct you to the ideal Everflex pair. Take your children into one of these stores, and a team member will see that your children get what they need.

Let us lead you to the ultimate kids’ school shoes!

Try our trick to get your children comfortable with their kids’ school shoes fast this year. Everflex has high-quality designs at affordable prices, so don’t miss out! We can help any student find their perfect pair, so check out our collection now. Remember, when you get kids’ school shoes from Everflex, you can be sure on any floor!