Here’s How to Make Your School Shoe Buying Experience a Positive One!

You’ll always enjoy a positive shopping experience at Everflex! We’ve made it our goal to take the stress out of buying school shoes, and we’re always looking for ways to improve our service. Shopping online with Everflex is easy, affordable, and efficient! 

Shop for school shoes whenever you like!


One of the best things about being able to buy school shoes online with Everflex is that you have total freedom. Instead of struggling to find time to get to a shopping centre, you can pick a time that works for you and browse the Everflex range


Your hectic schedule won’t stop you from getting a new pair, because you can place an order for school shoes at any time of the day or week. And, while we know it’s nice to be able to see styles in person, you have everything that you need to buy a new item with confidence. We include all the information you need to know about our school shoes in their description, and we have images from multiple angles, so you know exactly what you’re going to get! 

Buy school shoes now and pay later!


We’re positive that you’ll love buying school shoes using Afterpay and Zip! When you buy our styles using these methods, you can split the cost of your purchase into smaller repayments. Our styles will be low-cost from the beginning, but even the biggest order of school shoes wouldn’t go over your weekly budget!


Better still, we’ll send the order out as normal, and, even though you’ve still got a few weeks to pay them off, your kids can be in their pair ASAP. When you need school shoes without delay, delayed payment methods like Afterpay and Zip will provide you with the ideal shopping experience. 

Choose a shipping speed that works for you!


Did you leave your shopping until the last minute, and need school shoes before the semester starts? Maybe you noticed that your child’s pair is much too small mid-week, and you need a replacement style pronto! Or, perhaps you’ve ordered school shoes with time to spare and are content to wait. 


Everflex can cater to your unique situation since we offer standard and express shipping. Standard shipping is free for customers placing an order above $50, which is a total bargain! However, if you need school shoes delivered immediately, then our express shipping (2-5 day estimate) is the way to go!  

Buy the accessories that you need!


Everflex has a great selection of accessories for your child’s school shoes. Innersoles, gel cushions, and other inserts are the perfect way to elevate your child’s comfort. Meanwhile, cleaning items like Dubbin and our Instant Shine Sponge will keep them in top condition. If you’re only buying a single pair of school shoes, then there’s another advantage to buying accessories: getting free shipping! 


Here at Everflex, we offer free standard shipping for orders over $50. If you only have a single set in your shopping cart, then it’s unlikely that you’ll qualify for free shipping. But, add a spare set of laces, uniform socks, or innersoles to your order of school shoes, then you might be able to get over the line! That’s one easy way to get more for your money, and you’ll get to reap the benefits of all these handy add-ons. 

That was only the beginning!


We don’t just pride ourselves on a positive shopping experience; Everflex leads the way in customer service too! If you have a question about our school shoes or any issues ordering them, then feel free to get in contact with us! Our friendly team would be happy to walk you through the process. When it’s time to buy school shoes, make Everflex your first stop!