Growing Feet? Which Size To Get When You Child Is In Between Shoe Sizes!

Is your little student growing out of all of their school shoes? Everflex has some advice! 

Which side of the debate do you support?

Should you trudge along and buy school shoes in the right size every time, or should you buy bigger versions and let your kids grow into them? There’s no obvious answer. If your kids are growing out of styles at an alarming rate, then it can be tempting to save yourself some trouble. Getting one big pair of school shoes can prevent you from spending money on the dozen little ones that you’d need to buy differently. When the last three pairs have been thrown out despite being in great condition, it's difficult to justify buying new ones; even with our competitive prices to support you. However, growth spurts are inconsistent, and you don’t want your kids to have any issues with their too-big school shoes in the meantime. 

What do we recommend? 

Kids need footwear that fits because they spend most of the week with school shoes on their feet. The best way to ensure that they get the support they need from their footwear is to provide them with a flawless fit. At Everflex, we offer school shoes at affordable prices, so we can help you keep up with your child’s rapidly growing feet. Each of our designs also comes in a broad range of sizes, which means once you’ve picked a favourite one, you can confidently order school shoes in the next size up. The ease and speed of our delivery will also get your little student into a new pair quickly, so you don’t need to worry about them being uncomfortable for long. 

However, if your little student is sprouting like a bean and you’re determined to get ahead of the game, then Everflex can help you make a too-big set of school shoes work. Our handy foot care accessories can do more than improve the feel of footwear; innersoles and the like can also correct fit issues. 

Fill the extra room in your school shoes with our inserts

Slipping is the main issue facing oversized school shoes, and that friction can cause skin irritation easily. Wearing multiple layers of socks to compensate is a decent plan during the colder months, and we have plenty of socks on offer in our accessories range. However, layering up inside school shoes is not a great idea once spring and summer start. Instead, reduce the risk of blisters and sweltering feet by using Everflex inserts! Our innersoles and gel cushions are super useful and can instantly fill the space in your school shoes. These are one-size-fits-all products, so you can cut them down and fit them inside styles for smaller kids. 

Students will appreciate what these add-ins can do to keep their school shoes on their feet, and also what innersoles can do to provide long-lasting comfort. Gel innersoles offer the most support and shock absorption. While our Comfort Foam inserts are great at cushioning sensitive soles, the gel ones shape to suit your feet and reduce strain. So, you can trust your innersole-bearing school shoes to help you keep pace during the most active and hectic weeks. 

Do you need help figuring out the fit? 

If you’re unsure about the proper size for your child, then Everflex can help! If you’re shopping online for school shoes, then consult our size guide, which can give you heaps of handy information. Otherwise, stop in at your local Spendless Shoes and ask a team member to help you with Everflex school styles. 

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