Girls School Shoes That Are Comfortable And Sturdy!

Everflex styles may be cheap, but we don’t compromise on quality or ease of wear!

Our girls’ school shoes are comfortable enough to spend a week in and sturdy enough to last during the craziest semesters. If your child needs a new set of girls’ school shoes, then our collection will have what you need. 

Keep comfy in the classroom

Conventional girls’ school shoes have rounded toes, sleek material, and a smooth finish. At Everflex, we also throw in some flexible soles and lightweight material to ensure your child stays cosy all day long. After all, their focus should be on studying, not on their sore feet! Our girls’ school shoes are simple, stylish, and bring excellent support to sensitive feet. Plus, the durable material on these designs makes them hard to scuff or mark during recess, lunch, or boring lessons. What’s not to love about that? 

Kick back with our super sandals! 

If your kids get hot and sweaty feet during spring and summer, then you can alleviate their discomfort with our Mary-Jane styles. While our regular girls’ school shoes have decent airflow, these lovely sandals are the pinnacle of season-appropriate footwear in the warmer months. 

These classic girls’ school shoes are lightweight, airy, and perfect to wear outside or in the classroom. Our favourites have glossy material, laser-cut geometric shapes on the tops and a partially-open upper. The straps on our Mary-Jane girls’ school shoes are either buckled or touch-fastening, which means younger kids should not find them challenging to do up independently. Since each of our girls’ school shoes from this selection come with covered toes, you can also be sure that they will be welcome out on the playground during lunch and recess too. 

Styles from this category also have either soft or grooved soles. Smoothly-based girls’ school shoes are a must for anyone who wants to prioritize comfort, as these have a decent layer of padding on the base. Comparatively, girls’ school shoes with grooved soles have better grip and traction, so they are an essential pick for energetic kids. 

Does your child need sporty girls’ school shoes? 

You’re in luck— our sneakers and trainers are terrific! At Everflex, we have all your favourite girls’ school shoes, and that includes sports styles. Whether your kid needs a new set for PE class or something perfect for an extracurricular activity, Everflex has the sneakers! Girls’ school shoes in this look are either all-black or all-white, as these are the two most common and dress-code-complaint colours. 

While there is less of a selection in this category than in our sandal and regular girls’ school shoes, the quality more than makes up for the quantity. We love the look of these trainers, and we’re sure your kids will too! The fashionable stitching and panelled sides add an exciting element. The small amount of padding around the ankles is also a great feature, as it lends additional support and helps absorb shock during fast-paced games. Turning and changing direction fast on slippery courts or grassy fields should be effortless with these girls' school shoes too. 

For something slightly more casual, you could also try some of our ultra-slim trainers. These have all the feel of a skate or canvas style but bring the glossy leather-look finish of standard girls’ school shoes. If you have a very relaxed dress code, then we have to recommend a pair, especially since your kids will be able to wear these girls’ school shoes on the weekends too! 

We hope that helps! 

Do you want girls’ school shoes that go the extra mile? You should shop at Everflex this season!