Girls School Shoes She’ll Love!

Get girls’ school shoes that your daughter will love! Does your daughter seem bored with her current pair or is she unenthused about her uniform? There are a whole host of reasons why you don’t want your kids to hate girls’ school shoes. For starters, you don’t want them to be miserable five days a week because they don’t like their footwear.


Secondly, students who dislike their girls’ school shoes also won’t be motivated to take care of them. They’re more likely to be careless with them or get them damaged. Overall, it’s not a fun time for anyone! So, what can you do to make your daughter love girls’ school shoes?



Try a different style!


Have you seen our Mary-Jane sandals? These trendy girls’ school shoes are a popular pick for students (teenagers primarily) in 2020. Of course, we understand why they’re such a hit! The high-shine material adds a stylish feel to these girls’ school shoes, and the laser cutouts create cool patterns all across the surface. The same stock-standard designs can get boring after a while, which is why it’s nice to give kids a break and offer something new. While still keeping girls’ school shoes in line with the dress code, of course! 


You also don’t worry about whether or not Mary-Jane styles work in winter and autumn. While the cutouts and half-open top enable airflow during spring and summer, that doesn’t mean the girls’ school shoes will make your kids freeze the rest of the year. Wear Mary-Jane sandals in the colder months with sock, tights, or stockings, and there should be no issues! 



See which girls’ school shoes she likes the best! 


How can you be sure that you’re making the right choice unless you ask your daughter for her opinion? While the dress code may hinder students from getting certain types of girls’ school shoes, there’s no reason why they can’t still have a say in the style they end up wearing. The next time you go shopping for styles at Everflex, find a few different options in your price range, and then see what your daughter thinks about them. If you let her make the final choice (in a price bracket that works for you), then she should be more than happy wearing those new girls’ school shoes. 



Let’s make sure your daughter loves her new style!


Try these two top tips, and your child should be happier with her girls’ school shoes! Now, who is ready for their new shopping trip?



Shop online for girls’ school shoes and Everflex will help you stick to your budget!


You can buy items from Everflex using Afterpay or Zip. These flexible payment options split the cost of your order into smaller repayments, which means you don’t have to blow your weekly budget on girls’ school shoes. If you’re waiting for your next payday or want to spread the cost into smaller chunks, then we highly recommend purchasing this way. 


Did you know that we have a free shipping threshold too? It would be rude to charge you for postage when you’ve just bought a whole bunch of our girls’ school shoes, wouldn’t it? So, when you spend more than $50 on our products, we cover the cost of postage. That way, your money only has to go towards your girls’ school shoes, and you don’t have to pay extra for delivery. 


If you’re having trouble getting over the $50 threshold, then consider getting some of our accessories! Here at Everflex, we have cleaning products, spare shoelaces, comfy uniform socks, and a tremendous range of innersoles and other inserts. Add these into your shopping cart alongside your girls’ school shoes, and you won’t regret it!