Girls' School Shoes Perfect for All Ages

Wouldn't it be nice to wear matching footwear with your daughter sometimes? Twinning clothes and girls' school shoes is an excellent bonding activity for mothers and daughters. It becomes one of your child's core memories and makes for great photographs. Years later, they'd likely do the same thing with their children because you made it happen.

The excellent thing about the collection of school shoes for girls at Everflex is that they are timeless classics, the styles you likely had when it was your time to be a student. Some of these styles have found their way beyond the academic institution and have been making waves in daily fashion.

But more than their stylish looks, these girls' shoes provide functionality to ensure your child does well in their classes. Your daughter will look good and feel comfortable while she aces her subjects. She will also lead the playground pack, running and playing around freely.

Everflex school shoes make it all possible effortlessly. And if your daughter is experiencing all the benefits, you can, too! With the help of the Everflex team, discover each option and choose the one that fits you and your daughter best! 


Style 1—Mary Janes 

The Mary Jane is a classic option for school shoes. Almost every lady wore this kind of footwear at one point. These shoes have always passed uniform requirements, helping your child look like a doll during her first day of class photos.

And wouldn't it be cute to get her a matching one to wear when you bring her to class? Then, you can both wear these shoes for weekend outings and gatherings. The Mary Jane at Everflex comes in black, a versatile colour that can match all the clothes in your closet. 

Early learners like your daughter can secure their shoes on their feet with the help of the single touch-fastening strap. They are famous for their rounded toes and straps across the instep. 

The round toes provide enough room for toes to spread naturally and comfortably, keeping mother and child happy. Teenage ladies love to collect these school shoes for girls, styling them with plaid skirts and headbands. 


Style 2—Double Straps 

Everflex has a couple of unisex academic footwear options, and the double straps are one of them. These got their name from the two touch-fastening straps that keep them in place. Unlike the Mary Jane, which has an open top, the double strap covers the entire foot, keeping it warm and cosy.

Your daughter will love how easy it is to wear these. They are ready to join the classroom and playground activities within seconds of pressing two nylon strips together. These girls' school shoes are an excellent option for colder months because they cover the feet. 

However, they are also suitable for warmer seasons. In trans-seasonal style, you and your daughter can enjoy and wear the leather shoes on weekends. And because active children deserve footwear that keeps them steady and stable, the double straps live up to the hype! 

These have robust and supportive soles that provide grip and traction, so you and your child can go out worry-free from accidents and slips. 


Style 3—T-Bar

Everflex has a more complicated version of the Mary Jane shoes, with a similar round toe and open-top design. The only difference is that T-bars have a buckled T-strap over the instep. Your girl may find these more challenging to secure, but once they learn to lock the clasp and strap with their tiny hands, there's unparalleled security and fulfilment.

Cutouts are making waves in the fashion world and have made their way into academic footwear. Apart from the open top, these Everflex have geometric laser cutouts that boost style and breathability.

Seeing mums wearing this style with their daughters won't surprise us because it's gorgeous! Teens would love wearing these kids' school shoes with shorts and cute shirts, while mums would wear them with capri pants and sleeveless tops.


Style 4—Lace-Ups

The second Everflex unisex style is lace-ups. These require advanced skills like lace-tying. While it may take you and your daughter several days of practice and patience, learning to tie laces is an achievement for both of you.

Once your daughter learns to wear laced shoes as a badge of honour, not all students can tie laces, so wearing one will make her feel special. However, please warn her to be careful because these girls' shoes can come undone and might trip her. You will love the leather material because it's durable, breathable, and insulating. 

Due to their durable construction, these resist abrasions and wear. You only need to replace them when your daughter outgrows them. Usually, you leave a 1 cm gap between your daughter's longest toe and the tip of the shoes when you buy them. 

You must check if the space remains there after 4–8 weeks, as she might have a growth spurt. Never make her wear ill-fitting school shoes, as it can affect her foot health. But don't worry; we have a wide size range among the many benefits of our brand (compared to other brands). Use our size guide if in doubt.

The excellent thing about laces is that they're independent of the footwear. When it's dirty or damaged, you can clean and replace it separately. Mum can wear her laced shoes with black tights and a long top, while her daughter can wear them with a dress!


Style 5—Sneakers

Working out and playing outdoors are excellent ways to stay healthy and bond with your daughter. Why not get sneakers from Everflex, too?

These provide more grip, support, and comfort than regular academic footwear. She needs a second pair of shoes for her PE classes and sports activities.


Everflex Has Footwear for All Ages!

The Everflex collection of girls' school footwear is the perfect suit for ladies of all ages. Mothers and daughters can bond and wear the same styles when going out. 

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