Get A Grip On Slip Resistance: Why Non-Slip Shoes Are Essential For These Professions

Non-slip shoes are a must-have for all sorts of professions. If safety styles are part of the dress code in your workplace, then we guarantee that you’ll need to find yourself a pair. Comfort slip shoes offer the best support, longest-lasting comfort, and ease of wear during busy shifts.


Does your job require you to stand for hours and hours on end? With Everflex’s non-slip comfort work shoes  there to take care of you, you’ll be able to relax and focus on your work instead of struggling along with sore and tired feet!


In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about our slip-resistant designs and the professions they suit. By the time we’re through, you’ll have all the information you need to start looking for the best comfortable leather to fulfil your needs in 2021.


What Kind Of Demographic Do Our Non-slip Shoes Cover?


Well, that depends on what sort of style you’re looking at in the Everflex collection! As far as sizes go for non-slip work shoes, we cover women from size 5 to 11 and men from size 6 to 13.


The littlest pairs will fit kids who have outgrown the children’s collection, so all but the tiniest teenagers will fit in these unisex leather styles, and adults should have no trouble at all. We have three leading non-slip designs in the Everflex collection:


school shoe lookalikes, sportier styles, and slide-on designs. Slide-on designs and trainers are perfect for people who work in health care and aged care, as well as jobs that are more physically demanding. We doubt this will be a surprise to most people, but most customers who are shopping for slip on shoes or slip resistant  footwear that looks like school wear will be students.


The reason why teenagers end up wearing non-slip safety shoes to school is that they can use the same pair on their work shifts. Most teens start their first job while they’re still studying, and since black lace-up footwear is the staple look for work and school uniforms, it’s only natural to want to use the same pair in both settings.


While they come with an impressive list of safety features, non-slip shoes are almost identical to school styles. As such, once teenagers are looking for a job or employed, it’s typical to see their parents buying casual sneakers styles that they can wear to school and work.


If non-slip shoes can do both jobs for a teenager, then their parents can save themselves the time and expense of getting two separate slip resistant shoe pairs. Many university students will continue with an entry-level job while they study too, so they also tend to have non slip work shoe in this style too.


What Safety Features Do Our Non-slip Shoes Have?


Before we get ahead of ourselves, we’d like to outline the exact features that you can expect to get from styles in our range. All of our water resistant shoes get designed for the best support, comfort, and durability.


As advertised, the soles on these styles come with specially designed grooves for the best grip and traction on a variety of surfaces. No matter how quickly you’re moving around, your non-slip walking shoe should keep you safe on slick floors. The sturdy leather-look material is synthetic, so your resistant work shoes pair will be easy to clean if they get covered in mess during your shift.


The outsoles on our water resistant shoes are commercial grade rubber, so marking or scratching them is no easy feat. Now, what about the features inside our work styles? You can expect to enjoy the cushioned feel of flexible and padded innersoles in our non-slip shoes.


With heel impact cushioning to absorb shock and built-in arch support, your new pair can keep tension out of your feet and ankles. Whether you need your non-slip shoes to get you through a few hectic hours or an entire day of work, you can trust them to get you from start to finish safely!


So, What Kind Of Jobs Would Require Non-slip Shoes Like Ours?


Fast food restaurants, cafes, and bars will usually ask employees to wear this kind of black leather footwear. Whether you’re taking orders or making them, you can guarantee that you’ll be coming into close contact with liquids, oils, and food, which means you’ll need non-slip puncture resistant shoes with good grip.


If the grooves on the sound of your pair aren’t up to scratch, you risk slipping over and causing yourself an injury, which is the last thing anyone wants. Losing your footing while you’re holding a stack of plates, glasses, or hot drinks usually ends in disaster, so it’s no surprise employers want their workers in non-slip machine washable shoes!


After all, accidents are bound to happen in a busy restaurant or bar anyway; why not protect yourself as best as you can? Of course, non-slip shoes are useful for jobs outside of hospitality work too. Retail workers and anyone employed at a grocery store will have mens slip resistant footwear as part of their uniform too.


Again, non-slip shoes will ensure that you won’t trip and hurt yourself on slippery floors, and also see that you’re protected while you’re handling stock. We wouldn’t recommend dropping heavy boxes or bashing shopping trolleys into your feet to test them, but you should know that our slip resistant work shoes can protect your feet from those hazards too.


Finally, our designs are excellent for health care workers and anyone who works in aged care. Once again, black leather-look styles will probably be part of your dress code, and slip resistant can handle whatever your workday brings.


We Hope That Helps!


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