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Shopping for girls’ school shoes? Start your search the right way with five tips from Everflex! 


1. Carefully assess the tread 


The base grip of your girls’ school shoes is essential for ease and confidence of movement. At Everflex, we make features like these a priority because we understand how crucial it is for kids to be able to move with surety across all types of terrain and in any season. When you shop online, you can assess which of our girls’ school shoes have proper grip by studying the style images and reading the descriptions. As such, you can quickly seek out our best designs and get them into your shopping cart sooner! You can find traditional styles and active footwear with grooved grip at Everflex because we’ve sorted out support and stability for your girls’ school shoes.  


2. Pick the most appealing material 


The leading materials on styles from Everflex are synthetic, leather, or a combination of the two. Artificial girls’ school shoes are long-lasting, durable, and popular with customers who desire vegan-friendly products. Leather footwear is flexible, breathable, and beneficial to kids with sensitive feet. Finally, any girls’ school shoes that are a mix of synthetic and leather material will enjoy all of these attributes at once. Before you start selecting styles, consider the sort of features you think will suit your kids, and then choose the material accordingly. 


3. Get your kids cooler girls’ school shoes


Sweaty feet are never any fun. Skin irritations like blisters become more frequent if your kids are uncomfortably hot inside their girls’ school shoes, and the smell can be an issue too. Everflex will let your kids cool off this season with our cute Mary Jane sandals. These buckled girls’ school shoes come with cute laser-cut detailing and a classic glossy finish. Since the sides and cutouts partially expose feet, Mary Jane styles have excellent airflow, which will reduce odour and keep feet fresh throughout the day. If that sounds appealing, then be sure you grab some of these girls’ school shoes for summer and spring!


4. Utilise the most age-appropriate fastenings 


Luckily, for you, we’ve already split lace-up designs and touch-fastening ones into their relevant size categories. However, this is still something to keep in mind when you’re shopping for younger students. At Everflex, our smallest girls’ school shoes all come with touch-fastening bands, as these are easier for little hands to coordinate. Our lace-up styles, meanwhile, create the leading look for preteens and young adults. Ultimately, the type you choose for your girls’ school shoes should come down to confidence and ability. Untied laces are (and continue to be) a leading cause of injuries for students. You don’t want your kids coming home with skinned knees or grazed hands because they keep tripping! If your children are too young to tie laces independently, then a set of touch-fastening girls’ school shoes is the best alternative. 


5. Buy now and pay later


Girls’ school shoes are only one item on the long back-to-class shopping list. Saving where you can is essential to any family’s budget, especially when there are other uniform pieces and stationery items that your kids need. Everflex offers low prices for girls’ school shoes, and we offer more ways to stick to the family budget. Use a Zip or Afterpay account to buy your next purchase, and you can split the cost over a few weeks. These flexible payment schemes create a time-buffer until you can get your next paycheck. Plus, your kids will have the girls’ school shoes they need as soon as possible. 


Why wait?


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