Five Tips For Finding School Shoes Your Kids Will Actually Like!

Do you struggle to find brown school shoes that your kids like? Everflex is here to help! Here are five simple tips to help you buy the best mary janes for your children and keep them happy!

Offer Your Children Something Different This Semester!


It’s tempting to stick with the same set of Everflex black hi shine shoes. After all, once you find a winning style on our shelves, it will come in enough styles to keep your senior boys sorted for years.


However, kids can easily get bored of their hi shine shoes, and that’s something you need to remember too! Unlike adults, who get to pick and choose womens black styles, students have to wear the same pair five days a week again and again!


As such, it’s essential to liven things up with different boys school shoes every once in a while. For girls, we recommend Mary-Jane sandals with trendy geometric cut-outs. As for boys, Everflex has some fantastic leather-look patent leather trainers and pull-on Chelsea boots!

See What The Other Kids In Their Class Are Wearing!


If your child has a small foot, it can be tempting to keep them in touch-fastening light weight shoes for a little longer. But don’t let yourself get stuck in that way of thinking.


For starters, Everflex has lace-up comfort lightweight shoes in small sizes and touch-fastening designs that will fit older students too. So, focus on finding the most age-appropriate styles for your junior and senior children.


If your child is suddenly the only one in their class who is still wearing touch-fastening block heels shoes, then they might feel left behind by their peers. So, when you drop off your little one in the morning or pick them up in the afternoon, take a quick note of the styles their classmates are wearing!

Let Your Children Choose Their Party Shoes!


One of the best things about shopping online at Everflex is that getting your kids to pick their favourite style of party shoes is so easy. Instead of contending crowded shops and other parents in a shopping centre, you can browse through Everflex’s premium leather shoes at your leisure.


Use the search filters on our website to see what’s available in your child’s size and your ideal price range. Then, once you’re happy with the selection you can see on your screen, call your child over to make the final pick!


That way, you can be sure that you’re buying supportive shoes that your son or daughter will be happy to wear!

Shop For The Perfect Material!


Is your child interested in vegan-friendly black leather shoes? As children get older (especially when they're teenagers), they might become more interested in sustainable and environmentally-friendly fashion options.


Unfortunately, many people find that shopping for vegan-friendly ethical sourcing shoes is more challenging and expensive than buying leather-inclusive. But here at Everflex, we’re doing our best to change that! Synthetic trade enquiries shoes are some of our most popular picks for students, and they’re durable, comfortable, inexpensive, and look fantastic!


If your children can only be happy with vegan-friendly footwear, then they’re sure to be satisfied with these styles of kids new arrivals.

Look For Styles That Can Keep Students Comfortable All Day Long!


Do you want to know one of the easiest ways to keep your children happy with their crossing training shoes? Make sure that they never have to complain about sore feet!


Students have busy schedules filled with full days of classes and extra activities in the mornings and afternoons. Regardless of their age, when a student’s studies reach their peak during the semester, they’re going to need lace ups sneakers that can help them push through the most challenging points!


Here at Everflex, we design our junior girls footwear with the longest-lasting comfort and support in mind. Our black school shoes have built-in arch support, grooved soles for the best grip, and flexible material. So your kids can always rely on our styles to keep them feeling ready for anything. No wonder our senior black shoes keep students smiling!

Have You Had A Look At Our Collection Of Accessories?


If you’re stopping by our online store to buy black school shoes this season, then you should seriously consider taking a minute to scroll through our shoe care, size guides, and comfort accessories.


Everflex has an impressive collection of items that you can add to your order of comfortable durable shoes, so we think it’s worth giving you a quick rundown of all your options. That way, you can start your search for accessories on the right foot!


First off, we have innersoles that you can slide into your kids’ leather school shoes. These are one-size-fits-all inserts, and you can even cut the full-length styles down until they fit your child’s pair perfectly.


Once they’re inside your senior girls shoes, our innersoles will provide your child’s feet with additional support and cushioning. As comfortable as our designs are, we can’t understate how great these accessories can make your children’s feet feel!


During the craziest and busiest days of the semester, your children will be glad to have additional padding in their leather school shoes. The following must-have accessories on our list of recommendations are packets of spare shoelaces.


Cleaning up the material of adjustable straps shoes isn’t too challenging, but if their laces start fraying and getting ratty, you’ll be glad to have replacements on hand and ready to go.

Then, it’s simply a matter of unlacing the current set, throwing out the old ties, and then looping the new ones into your kids’ sport shoes. Super easy, right?


We can’t offer you any school hats (since they will probably need an official crest or colour), but we do have plenty of ankle and crew socks! These fantastic value packs come with two or three pairs of socks.


When you can buy kids shoes and socks in the same place, why would you bother looking elsewhere? Finally, we also have our Instant Shine Sponge! This handy cleaning accessory works dry, so you don't need to dip it in wax or polish before you start scrubbing popular brands shoes. 


And, trust us— you won’t believe how quick and effective Instant Shine is until you test it for yourself! So, with all these accessories (and more!) to enjoy from Everflex this season, why not have a look?

This Season, Help Find Your Children A Set Of School Shoes Online That They Like!


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