Finding a Well-Fitted Kids’ School Shoes is Important! Come to Everflex!

Choosing your child's school shoes is a crucial task that parents must do for their kids. Well-fitted footwear is vital because it determines your child's health, comfort, overall well-being, and performance in the classroom. 

While looks are essential too, the correct fit has a massive impact not only at the present but also on your child's future. For one, an ill-fitting pair of school shoes can cause them pain, blisters, and foot deformities. 

These deformities can last until adulthood and may affect their self-confidence. Why risk that, especially at a time when your child's feet are developing? To better understand why getting a well-fitted pair of Everflex school shoes is critical, let's get help from the Everflex team. 

They've been providing academic shoes for years and know them like the back of their hands. Unlike other major brands such as Nike, Asics, Harrison, and Clarks, our products are of comparable quality but considerably less expensive. If you're ready, let's start!


Why does your child need well-fitted school shoes?

Here's a brief rundown on why you must prioritise comfort and fit when buying school shoes.


  • Foot health. Protect your child’s feet from pain and problems caused by tight school shoes. As mentioned, they can get blisters, calluses, and long-term issues. With proper fitting footwear that supports the natural movement and shape of your child’s feet, you can reduce the risk of them getting hurt.

  • Injury prevention. Tight school shoes will not provide your child's feet with enough space for their feet to spread naturally. It will impact their balance and stability and lead to a higher risk of slipping and tripping accidents. 

  • Foot development. Their feet continuously develop until they hit puberty. A well-fitted pair of school shoes will support their natural growth, ensuring bones fuse and muscles strengthen correctly.


How do you look for well-fitted academic footwear?

The following steps guarantee that you find Everflex school shoes that fit your child correctly. 


Step 1: Go shopping with your child.

While we understand that parents can move faster when they shop alone, you must take your child shopping. They must try the school shoes and provide honest feedback. You can check if the footwear fits them right or if it's rubbing and hurting their feet. 

Ensure your child is wearing the Everflex socks they intend to wear with the school shoes to account for the thickness, which can also affect the fit. 



Step 2: Do it in the afternoon.

While finding the time to fit in everything in your busy schedule is challenging as it is, ensure you shop for school shoes in the afternoon. Your child's feet are in their maximum size, swollen after a day of standing, walking, running, and playing. It's critical to account for this growth when finding school shoes that fit well. 


Step 3: Know how to measure correctly.

Everflex has a wide range of sizes for your child to find well-fitting school shoes. Ensure you get their measurements correctly, taking the length and width of each foot separately. You can also take your child to a professional, like a podiatrist or trained in-store staff. 

They can get your child's measurements and recommend the best school shoes for your child's feet. 


Step 4: Leave space for growth.

Expect frequent growth spurts while your child is in their developing stage. When shopping for well-fitted school shoes, it's safe practice to leave a 1cm gap between the tip of the longest toe and the footwear. 

Apart from having enough leeway for sudden growth spurts, this space protects your child's feet from rubbing the school shoes and getting hurt. Keep track of the growth by checking for the gap every 4–8 weeks. It would help to buy a new pair of Everflex school shoes once you notice the space is gone. 


Step 5: Choose a wide-toe box. 

A roomy toe box will leave a comfortable space for your child's toes to wiggle and spread naturally, which impacts their balance and stability. Most school shoes at Everflex have round toes, providing your child with an ideal fit and style. 

The shape does not squeeze their toes, keeping them comfortable throughout. The best way to test this is when your child tries on school shoes. Have them wiggle their toes; they should not hit any part of the footwear.


Step 6: Look for adjustability.

A well-fitting pair of school shoes gives your child control over the fit. With fastenings, your child can adjust the fit and secure the footwear so it won't accidentally come off. While several kinds of fastenings exist, Everflex uses three for its collection of school shoes: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. 

Please help your child choose the correct kind depending on their skill in pressing straps, locking pins, or tying laces. Touch-fastening straps rely on adhesion to keep the school shoes secure. 

Buckles require a more advanced skill to close the footwear. Laces are the most complicated of the three fastenings but offer the most customisable fit. It's also the only independent fastener.


Step 7: Never get second-hand.

In the interest of saving money, some parents choose to buy second-hand school shoes. However, getting your child a pair of hand-me-downs can be more costly in the long run. 

If you aim to get well-fitted school shoes within your budget, there are other ways. For academic footwear to provide the best support, it should mould to your child’s feet. But if you get second-hand, the school shoes would have set to the previous owner’s feet and won’t provide your child with the support they need.

More importantly, you won’t know if the previous owner was hygienic and infection-free. If they are not, your child will suffer costly consequences. They can get infected with bacterial or fungal infections that the previous owner of the school shoes had. The amount you save on purchasing second-hand footwear will go to treatment, sometimes costing you more. 


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