Experience The Everflex Difference!

Make the smart choice this season and shop for school shoes at Everflex! Our excellent array of styles has something for every student. Our expansive spread of styles covers everyone from toddlers to fully-grown adults, so we never get caught short with sizes. You won’t be left wanting for designs either! Traditional school shoes make up a decent portion of the range, but we’ve also got boots, sandals, sneakers, and other types as well. 

Our school shoes enjoy a 100-Day Guarantee! 

How’s that for a unique experience with your school shoes? Are you tired of seeing your kids wear their styles instead of outgrowing them? When you shop for school shoes at Everflex, we cover your items for 100 days (after the original purchase date). If your style falls apart or your spot a design fault during that time, then contact us, and we’ll sort out a replacement or a refund for you! We take the quality and endurance of our school shoes seriously, and we’re dedicated to providing customers with the best experience every time they shop with us. So, if something goes wrong with your latest set, then tell us! Our team will make sure that you leave satisfied with your school shoes! 

We can cater to students with part-time jobs too! 

Grab our slip-resistant school shoes, and your kids can count on them to be a stellar work set as well! These supportive styles can keep their grip on wet and oily floors, which makes them perfect for students who double as fast-food, hospitality, and retail workers! One benefit of using school shoes as workwear is the fact that you can avoid paying for a separate pair on top of a new uniform style. Also, since our slip-resistant styles look the same as a traditional classroom pair, kids will have no trouble transitioning from their afternoon lessons to a shift later in the day. And, instead of having to carry a spare pair in their backpack to change into, kids can leave their school shoes on and swap their uniforms! 

We offer versatile shopping experiences too! 

Busy parents love and appreciate our online service! If you’re strapped for time and need school shoes as soon as possible, theen ordering styles on our Spendless Shoes website is the best way to go. Each style comes with an abundance of product information (and plenty of pictures), so you can always shop confidently. Also, our fast delivery services will ensure that your school shoes get home promptly. 

However, we can also offer in-store service for Everflex styles! 

Do you want to get your children fitted by a professional? Testing the fit of your kids’ school shoes isn’t a tricky process. However, if you want extra assurance about their new style, then brave the busy shopping centres and get some professional service! Did you know that Everflex is fully stocked in-store at Spendless Shoes? Head into your local store, and you’ll find all of our excellent kids’ school shoes waiting for you on the shelves. As such, if you’re not feeling confident about judging sizes, then you can go in and ask one of the friendly team members to help you out. With a professional there to assess your kids’ school shoes and offer advice about styles, the children are sure to be satisfied by whichever ones you take home with you. Just remember to have your little ones wear their official uniform socks when you go in! 

Treat yourself to the ultimate experience with Everflex school shoes! 

We go above and beyond for our customers. Once you see how simple buying school shoes from Everflex is this season, you’ll never want to shop anywhere else!