Everflex School Shoes… What You Need To Know!

Do you want an inside look at Everflex’s school shoes? We’ll tell you everything you need to know to shop confidently for our styles! With such a vast and varied collection of school shoes, knowing where to start might be a challenge, but we’ll happily help you sort through them! Here’s everything you need to know to start looking for a new pair: 


Our school shoes are unbeatable, whether they’re classic or modern styles!


What sort of styles are you looking to buy your child? When it comes to getting school shoes for the classroom, traditional black pairs are the go-to. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Everflex doesn’t have some inspiring designs to match up with uniforms in 2021.


If you want students in a timeless classic option, then our touch-fastening or lace-up pairs are the ones to choose. Sleek material, rounded toes, and grooved soles are the norm with these school shoes. However, Everflex has Mary-Jane sandals, pull-on boots, and fun casual trainers to try as well. Is your child’s dress code reasonably relaxed? Then, one of these alternate designs would be a great pick!  


We’ve got the best sporty school shoes for students! 


Sneakers and trainers are a must-have for students! At the very least, most kids will need sporty pairs for their weekly PE classes. Beyond that, students can also have early modern or afternoon training for extracurricular sports and games or competitions on the weekends.


School shoes at Everflex get designed for the best performance and endurance during fast-paced activities. Grooved soles will keep students from sliding around on slippery courts or wet footy fields. The arch support and shock absorbing features built into our school shoes will also reduce strain on ankles and feet, and prevent kids from tiring out!


Our range of sizes has something for everyone! 


You will never struggle to find the ideal-fitting school shoes for your child at Everflex! Have you seen how many different sizes we have on offer? Our collection is divided into kids’, women’s and men’s school shoes, which means every size and fit should get covered by our styles.


Kids’ school shoes start at a size 8 for toddlers and end at a size 6 for preteens. The women’s and men’s collection begin at size 6. Since the men’s range runs up to a colossal size 13, even the biggest students can find their perfect pairing at Everflex! 


Our designs have a decent spread of sizes available too, so getting the next size up in your child’s favourite school shoes shouldn’t be difficult! 


Did you know that Everflex has leather styles and synthetic school shoes?


Leather designs are a favourite for students, but Everflex has several excellent vegan-friendly styles too! Do you know which type of school shoes would be best for your child in 2021? Well, we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each right now, so that you can make your selection confidently!


Leather-inclusive styles have a soft fit and bring the best air circulation, so they’re excellent for kids with sensitive feet. Unfortunately, the more malleable material on leather school shoes makes them more susceptible to damage from water and scuffing.


Synthetic pairs are vegan-friendly, durable, and easy to clean. However, they aren’t as soft as leather school shoes, and some kids may need to break them in before use. 


Which sounds like the better match for your child? 

We hope this has been helpful!


By now, you should be feeling better about searching through our styles. Do you know what school shoes you want for your child yet? Scroll through our collection today, and have fun shopping!