Everflex Non-Slip Shoes are Perfect for Work and School!

Do you work in an environment where there are constant risks of slips and falls? If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place. At Everflex, we have a selection of non-slip shoes available for you to wear for work and school. You will never go wrong with a set of these versatile and protective kicks in your life. 

There is no better feeling than rocking footwear that you know will protect you all day and night. Our range of non-slip shoes will instantly level up your look.

These are the ultimate set of kicks for everyone to have at least one pair in their life. There are many benefits to wearing our shoes that are suitable for both men and women.

Search below for our tips and tricks on what to look for when shopping for a new pair of non-slip shoes. You will find your perfect set of kicks in no time!


Tip 1 – Grooves


If you are looking at buying a new pair of non-slip shoes, it is best to check if they have a good number of grooves. You can find these on the sole of the kicks, and they are a good thing to look at if you are unsure what type of footwear to invest in. This grooves is one of the perfect work shoes and school shoes.

When buying a new pair of non-slip work shoes, you will notice that the sole features a collection of grooves. However, do not fear if you are unsure what grooves are. We have got you sorted! 

Grooves are indentations along the base of the footwear that keep substances out of the footwear and help you not slip over. You can find grooves in trainers, boots, and other shoes. If the pair of kicks do not have grooves on the sole, these are not non-slip shoes.

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These slip-resistant shoes offer comfort all day while protecting your feet and yourself from potential hazards.

You will find that the details of the grooves push the wet substance through the footwear rather than getting trapped underneath, causing you to slip over. Therefore, you will find that a set of non-slip shoes with plenty of grooves are the most helpful.

Take this as a sign to invest in at least one pair of non-slip shoes for you to stay protected and comfortable throughout the day.


Tip 2 – Tread


Our hot tip when searching for your next pair of non-slip shoes is to keep an eye out on the tread. The tread is the patterns you see engraved into the bottom of your footwear on the outside layer.

Knowing what tread style to look for when you're purchasing new kicks will help determine if they can help prevent you from slipping. Even black patent footwear has these patterns for protection.

The best design of tread to look for in non-slip work shoes is patterns of circles or hexagons. These are the best when it comes to keeping any liquid out of the footwear and preventing you from slipping or falling.

In addition, the smaller the tread patterns are, the more probability of the footwear being effective in non-slip shoes. 

The tread can create friction between the sole and the ground, so this will help your footwear to grip the floor without collecting any liquid substances from underneath. This non-slip footwear comes in black colour. Unfortunately, we don't have any available colours like blue, but we have them in other shoe styles. So look for it at our online shop or in-store.


Tip 3 – Rubber sole

One feature necessary to consider when looking for a new pair of non-slip shoes is the material they are made out of. This tip is considerable because the footwear material can affect how effective the resistance of slipping over is.

Make sure they're comfy and protected with these non-slip shoes, whether they're getting ready for their first day of school or work.

Non-slip work shoes can be made of sturdy rubber, which is a feature to keep an eye on. The rubber tends to be strong both underneath the footwear and on the sides. The strong material ensures that the non-slip shoes cannot slide over liquid or oily surfaces. Conversely, if the footwear has a softer rubber, you will have less protection in your non-slip shoes. 

Not only should the footwear be made from a sturdy rubber material, but it should also offer a lightweight and flexible sole. This tip will ensure your footwear has plenty of movement within the non-slip shoes so that you do not strain your feet when walking across wet surfaces. 


Tip 4 – Fastening method


We recommend shopping for a pair of non-slip shoes to check out the fastening methods. Unfortunately, our collection of non-slip shoes does not offer any fastening at all, which can potentially be harmful in the long run. So instead, we recommend getting your hands on a pair of touch-fastening, lace-up, or elasticized non-slip shoes. 

If heels have heel straps, then our non-slip work shoes have these fastening methods.

These three methods keep your feet safe and secure in your non-slip shoes. They also allow you to tighten or loosen the hold they have on your feet. We know you will find the perfect pair of non-slip shoes right here with us. 

CREW is one of our go-to styles of non-slip shoes because they feature a lace-up fastening method. There is no better feeling than the one you get from a comfy set of kicks. So take this as a sign to invest in these kicks and ditch your old New Balance.

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Tip 5 – Test run


You might think this tip is a little weird but believe us when we say that taking your new pair of kicks for a test run will help your decision-making! So when you buy a new pair of non-slip shoes, we recommend you take them for a test run in-store. Of course, it would be best if you didn't get slipped over on your first day wearing this non-slip footwear.

Double-check with the salesperson if it is allowed before doing so. You will find that testing out your pair of non-slip shoes in-store can guide you in buying the perfect pair of kicks.

Walk, run, and skip your way around the store and shopping centre to get the most out of your shopping experience. Once you take your kicks for a test run, you will find the perfect pair of non-slip shoes suitable for you. 



Stay comfortable, supported, and protected in your non-slip shoes with some footwear accessories! These accessories can help with the level of safety and protection that your pair of non-slip shoes will offer throughout the day and night. These are necessary to invest in if you want your footwear to stay long-lasting and protective. 

We recommend investing in some innersoles for your pair of kicks. These can ensure your feet feel comfortable and supported at work or school. If you end up slipping over, you can trust that your non-slip shoes will protect you throughout the day. There is no better feeling than the one you get whilst rocking a set of these non-slip shoes! 


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