Everflex Is the Ultimate School Shoe Destination

The start of a new school year is coming soon, so you must look for school shoes like crazy right now. Most of the time, parents ask their network of other parents for advice. Still, if you haven't found a store you're happy with yet, you're in luck because Everflex is the best place to buy school shoes.

The brand knows how critical an excellent pair of footwear is in the health and education of your child. Everflex school shoes exhibit all the essential characteristics supporting your child’s developing feet and keeping them comfortable for most of the day they spend in class.

Allow our team at Everflex to help you understand what you need to look for in footwear and why they are essential. One of the most important things you must consider is what fastening to choose for your child’s school shoes, and Everflex is the best place to get them.

The fastening you will choose for your child will depend on their skill set. There are three fastenings available: Touch-fastening straps, Buckles, and Laces. Specific styles of footwear use them, which we will share later.

Can they lock straps together? Do they know how to use a buckle? Are they skilled in tying laces independently?

The answers to these questions will determine which kind of fastening suits the type of school shoes you will get for your child. No need to worry, as we’d gladly assist you every step of the way. Read on to learn more!


Touch-Fastening Straps

Touch-fastening straps are ideal for young learners who can singlehandedly open and close them to secure school shoes. First, there's the hook-and-loop fastener, which locks footwear. Two nylon fabric strips make up touch-fastening straps. One features tiny hooks, which your kid needs to press with the other.

It enables your young one to adjust the fit of their footwear, giving them more control over their comfort. The ease of use is its most significant advantage; next is low maintenance. However, there are some drawbacks to using these touch-fastening straps for your kid's school shoes:


  • There’s a limitation to the number of times your youngster can open or close the straps. Also, since the touch-fastening straps depend on the school shoes, you need to replace the entire footwear once the straps lose holding strength.
  • The hooks can easily catch stray particles, like lint and dirt, which can compromise its performance. However, there are household materials you can use to clean the nylon strap. Tweezers and duct tape are your best friends when removing the dirt attached to the straps, so your kid can continue to use their school shoes.
  • Aside from catching dirt, the hooks also attach to other surfaces, damaging them.


However, the many benefits far outweigh the few disadvantages. The Everflex styles that use touch-fastening straps are Mary-Janes for girls and Double-Straps for boys and girls.



Like other fastenings, the buckle locks two loose ends together for a secure fit. It’s a flat rectangular frame that has a hinged pin that secures kids' school shoes by latching on any of the holes in the other strap.

Learning how to use buckles helps develop your child’s fine motor skills. Aside from ensuring that their school shoes stay in place, buckles strengthen the muscles in their hands and fingers.

In the process, your kid develops cognitive powers, problem-solving skills, and improved coordination.

Buckles also provide an adjustable fit to boys' school shoes, albeit limited. Adjustability depends on which hole they latch the catch. Some drawbacks to using this fastening on the kid’s school shoes are:


  • Overuse and mishandling can damage the buckle. And since this fastening depends on the school shoes, you need to replace the footwear.
  • Buckles are not quick-release, which may cause problems in an emergency.
  • School shoes using buckles rely on evenly spaced holes, which can be limited to fit. One might be too snug, while the next might be too loose. There’s no space for a middle-ground adjustment for the kids' school shoes.


The Everflex style that uses buckles for fastening is the T-Bar for girls.



Of all the fastenings available at Everflex, laces are the only ones independent of school shoes. What does it mean?

When you need to clean or replace the laces, you don’t need to replace the footwear. You can do separate things on the laces and the school shoes. So, what are laces?

Laces are strings that fasten openings in footwear, including school shoes, by pulling them through two lines of eyelets and tying them together. 

Owning a pair of lace-up school shoes is a proud moment for many children. Securing them requires a higher skill level, which older students can eventually learn. 

The most significant advantage of choosing lace fastenings is how easy it is to clean and replace them with a new pair. Taking them off your school shoes allows you to wash them by hand or toss them into your washing machine. In addition, you can get an extra pair of laces from Everflex.

Also, they give the school shoes a better fit and make it easier for your young one to change how they fit. Finally, there is more than one way of stringing the laces in the eyelets, giving your young one more opportunities to show creativity and individuality.

Like the other kinds of fastenings for school shoes, laces also have disadvantages.

  • It takes longer to wear them, which can be frustrating for both parent and kid, especially when everyone is running late.
  • Laces can come undone, which makes the school shoes a tripping hazard for your kid.

The Everflex styles that use laces are lace-ups and sneakers; both are unisex.


Know Where to Get the Best Kids' School Shoes Boys and Girls Will Fall For!

With Everflex, your youngster will get the best academic experience while you get the assistance you need in figuring out the best-designed school shoes for your young one. Learning more about the closures can help you decide which style is best for your kid. 

Remember that the Everflex brand is more budget-friendly than Nike, Clarks, Skechers, Harrison, Asics, Roc, and other popular brands. There's no need to collect these shoes since you can find one in our huge range that will fit.

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