Everflex Has Back-to-School Shoes for Every Season

Keeping their child protected and comfortable is always a top priority for parents. Parents do their best to provide for their child’s needs, including school shoes they can use for every season. 

Some styles are ideal for warmer months, while others offer warmth and coverage essential to getting through the colder seasons.

And if you’re searching for where you can get your hands on school shoes for every season, we’ve got the answer for you. Everflex has been providing comfortable, durable, and supportive footwear for students. 

These school shoes can withstand wear and tear, particularly in the changing weather. Protecting your kids against the natural elements is critical to ensuring they get to do their usual stuff.

Discover more about the Everflex school shoes for every season with help from the Everflex team. Know the styles your child can enjoy wearing at different times of the year. If you’re ready, let’s start!


Spring and Summer Kids School Shoes

School shoes for the spring and summer seasons must-have features that provide breathability, comfort, and durability. Breathability is essential because it allows air to circulate, preventing sweat and odour. 

Avoid school shoes that are too bulky. Opt for lightweight styles, which allow movement and avoid fatigue during hot weather.


Style 1—Mary Jane

Stacey and Lacey are the Mary Jane school shoes for girls at Everflex. These styles employ an open-top design with a single touch-fastening strap across the top of the feet. Expect maximum breathability because air can get into the school shoes.

The style’s round-toe design provides comfort, which allows your child to spread their toes naturally. Having enough toe room is a must when choosing school shoes for your kid because it affects their stability and balance. 

Never choose pointy footwear because it will squeeze your child’s toes, rub them, and cause blisters and other deformities they can take into adulthood.

Mary Janes are a classic style that has been around for years. These school shoes look good with uniforms; your daughter can wear them during weekend parties. 

Spring and summer are excellent seasons for picnics and outdoor events. These school shoes will look great with summer dresses!


Style 2—T-Bar

Everflex’s Staple, Scholar, and Jilly 2 are T-Bar school shoe options for girls. These styles are like Mary Janes, except for the buckled T-straps that secure the footwear to your child’s feet. 

Breathability is a check, thanks to their open-top design. The school shoes also have geometric laser cut-outs that boost style and breathability.

The buckle fastening provides adjustability, an essential feature that increases your child’s comfort. With buckles and other types of fastening, your kids can tighten or loosen the fit as necessary. 

Your daughter must pin the clasp to lock the school shoes. Constant use of this fastening will strengthen your child’s fine motor and problem-solving skills.

The Everflex T-bar school shoes have features like flexibility and a grooved grip, which are critical for support. The footwear must mimic the natural gait of your child’s feet when they move. 

As such, it must be flexible only to a certain extent. To test, pick the school shoes up and twist them. The footwear must never bend until the very end.


Style 3—Double Straps

Verb and Study are unisex school shoes your son or daughter can enjoy during the warmer months. 

Although lacking an open design, the materials used in this style allow air to circulate so that your son or daughter can continue playing in the hot weather without experiencing discomfort.

These school shoes use two touch-fastening straps that secure the footwear and allow for adjustability. Touch-fastening straps are easy to use, only requiring the students to press nylon strips together to lock them. 

However, opening them requires more force. This style has gripped soles that provide traction, keeping your active kids steady and stable.


Autumn and Winter School Shoes Boys and Girls Adore

School shoes for autumn and winter must provide comfort, warmth, traction, and durability. It’s best to secure footwear with closed toes and high ankle support to protect against chilly winds and wet rain or snow. 

Check also for school shoes with materials that provide insulation or the ability to hold heat in longer to ensure your child’s feet remain warm.

Cold can enter your child’s body through their feet, weakening their immune system and making them sick.


Style 1—Pull-On Ankle Boots

Benson is Eveflex’s pull-on ankle boot, ideal for boys during autumn and winter. These school shoes cover your son’s feet until the ankles, keeping them warm, cosy, and dry while the leather material insulates heat. 

Although the boots lack fastening, the elastic side gussets act similarly, expanding to accommodate any foot shape and reverting to provide a snug fit.

Your son can wear these school shoes within seconds by pulling them on with the help of pull tabs. Like other Everflex styles, the boots have rounded toes that provide enough toe room.

Parents love these school shoes because of their versatility. Not only do boots match uniforms, but they also look excellent with suits. Your son can use the boots during weekend activities, too!


Style 2—Lace-Ups 

Protect your son or daughter during autumn and winter with Learn, Tutor, or Exceed. These unisex Everflex lace-up school shoes are ideal for active boys and girls needing supportive and comfortable footwear. 

Your child must know how to tie their laces. By learning this skill, your child can adjust the fit of their school shoes for comfort. They can loosen the laces to accommodate if they need to wear thicker socks for warmth. 

Laces are the only independent fastening, so you can clean or replace them without touching the footwear. If you need to replace the laces because of wear and tear, get new ones from Everflex.


All Seasons

Apart from all the school shoes mentioned, your child will need a second pair they can use for the year. Your child will likely play sports and have PE classes with more strenuous activities. 

These shoes have many benefits, including longevity, ease of wear, and structural integrity. They are appropriately designed for the rigours of school life, from active play at recess to quiet study in a classroom.

Sneakers or trainers are essential to keep them steady and supported throughout.

Everflex is committed to delivering top-notch quality, so you can rest assured that our shoes are built to last, just like Nike, Harrison, Asics, and others. You can find and compare shoes easily with our menu’s clear filters and a quick view option.

Everflex is a well-known shop that offers a range of quality school footwear for students of all ages. We are among the most popular brands for parents and kids.


Keep Your Child Cosy All Year with Everflex!

Everflex has school shoes to keep your child comfortable and supported, regardless of the season. Head to the nearest retailer or the online store to grab one now!

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