Everflex Are School Shoes You Can Count On

Do you need to buy some new school shoes for your children? Are their current pairs of kicks starting to wear down? If you are nodding yes to both of these questions, then you are in luck. The team here at Everflex knows the ins and outs of finding the perfect pair of school shoes.


Whatever problems or question arises, you can always count on us to solve them for you. In addition, we have a wide range of school shoes that you can always rely on. So, if you need to get your hands on some new kicks for your children, then keep on reading. 


We have gathered our top picks of school shoes to satisfy every child’s needs. Take a look below to get your hands on some new pairs!


Style 1 – Lace-Ups 


Check out our range of lace-up kicks. These kids school shoes are the perfect pair to wear daily. The lace-up feature can keep your children’s feet feeling safe and secure all day long. There is no better feeling than knowing your children are going to spend their day in a comfortable pair of school shoes. 


Thanks to their lace-up feature, our range of lace-up kicks are durable and secure. This tip can ensure that your children’s feet stay locked into place throughout the day. So whether they are studying or playing on the oval, you can trust that these laces will keep their feet secure all day long.


A pair of lace-up school shoes are sure to keep your children feeling great throughout the day. They are a unisex style of school shoes as well, so if your eldest child outgrows their pair of lace-up school shoes, then they can easily pass them down. It is a win-win for everyone!


Style 2 – Boots


A pair of boots are sure to make every child smile. These primary school ​shoes are an easy-to-wear pair of kicks that can take them from the morning until night. In addition, boots are school shoes that can get worn all year long.


Whether it is summer or winter, a pair of boots are the perfect pair of school shoes to rely on. These kicks are stylish and durable, so your children, especially gender boys, will love rocking these during a day of learning and play. We pride ourselves on offering people the most comfortable and durable school shoes. 


You can always count on a pair of boots to take your children through their day. The best part about a set of boots is that they can get worn outside of education hours. For example, if your kids have a playtime scheduled straight after their busy day, you can trust that their feet will feel super comfortable all through the night.


Style 3 – Trainers


Do your kids need a new pair of school shoes that can double up as footwear for their physical education lessons? If you are nodding your head in a desperate plea, then you are in luck. 


We have the perfect range of trainers for you to choose from. These kicks are perfect for a day full of study and physical education. A pair of trainers is the type of school shoes that every child needs at least one pair of. These are a pair of super supportive school shoes that can take them from the class to the grass in no time. 


Trainers feature a thick sole for extra support, laces to secure their feet and plenty of colours so they can stand out from the crowd. If the uniform guidelines allow your child to wear these school shoes throughout the entire day, you have freedom in choosing colourful and bright kicks. 


However, if the guidelines are stricter, you have to aim for a set of all-white or all-black trainers. These school shoes are a game-changer for every child and their family.


Style 4 – Mary-Jane


These are the perfect pair of school shoes for the girls who love to show off their fashion taste with their uniforms. A set of Mary-Jane kicks are a must-have for every girl’s wardrobe. 


This style of footwear is perfect for the warmer seasons of the year. This tip is because of the geometric cut-outs and T-bar buckle design. These features allow plenty of airflow throughout the footwear, making them a great style to wear during summer. 


These school shoes can get worn by girls in all education steps. So whether it is primary or secondary education, you can always rely on a pair of these school shoes to keep your daughter happy. So grab these school shoes —close checkout as a new customer creating a new fashion style. 


Style 5 – Touch-Fastening 


The best pair of unisex school shoes are right here at Everflex. That’s right; we are talking about a set of touch-fastening kicks. This footwear style is a must-have for every child, especially those still very young. 


The touch-fastening feature allows your child to tie their school shoes up with ease. If your kids cannot tie their laces, then these are the perfect pair of school shoes for them. The touch-fastening strap is super easy to tie up and can keep their feet secure all day long. Grab these kicks from your top online shopping store, Everflex.


Style 6 – Ballet Flats 


Does your little girl love to wear a super cute pair of ballet flats? Well, now she can do it during her learning and play days.  


Our range of ballet flats is perfect for a big day. These school shoes are comfortable and wearable, so you will never have to worry about your daughter coming home with sore feet. These ballet flats are a must-have for your daughter. If she loves to look stylish and feel comfy, ballet flats are the way to go.


Do Your Kids Need a New Pair of School Shoes ASAP?


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