Easy Ways To Clean School Shoes!

Do you need some help getting your child’s school shoes clean? We can guarantee that at some point in the year, your kids will come home with dirty footwear, regardless of their age. And, since students always need to be looking their best in their uniform and school shoes, you’ll need some way to get them clean again. That’s where Everflex comes in! Our accessories will keep school shoes in A+ condition. 


Grab yourself one of Everflex’s Instant Shine Sponges! 

You’ll be glad to have an Instant Shine Sponge when you need school shoes cleaned up fast! Instant Shine is kid-friendly, so you’re welcome to leave students to clean up their footwear by themselves. There are no polishes needed to make Instant Shine work, so you don’t have to worry about kids staining their hands or uniform during the process. Uncap the lid, swipe the material a few times, and school shoes will be clean in no time! This handy little cleaning accessory is a must-have! 

The next time that you go online to get Everflex’s school shoes, be sure that you add an Instant Shine Sponge to your shopping cart too. After all, if you’re only buying a single pair of school shoes, then you’ll need that extra accessory to help you hop over the free shipping threshold (available for orders $50 and over). And, that way, you only have to pay for things that you want, not the shipping cost. 


Replace the laces if they start getting too dirty! 

If the laces on your child’s school shoes are looking ragged and frayed, then it is probably time that you got them a replacement. After all, while you can easily spruce up material with polish, laces that have gotten so wet or messy that they’ve begun to split apart don’t have a straightforward fix. Not to mention, once ties start getting shabby, they drag down the look of the school shoes. The simplest solution to this problem is to replace your old laces with a new pair! You’ll find this is a more cost-effective plan than buying new school shoes when the current set still fits, and it only takes a few minutes to swap out the old ties for fresh ones. 

Here at Everflex, our laces come in different lengths, colours, and shapes. Whether they’re intended for a classic set of school shoes or sneakers and other sportswear, finding laces to replace the ones in your kids’ current set won’t take long at all. 


What if you don’t have any accessories around to clean school shoes? 

Don’t worry, because you can divert this disaster without difficulty. Having cleaning accessories in the cupboard that can deal with school shoes is always an excellent idea, but life is unpredictable. You might get caught short and not notice the state of your child’s footwear until you’re out-and-about. And, in that case, you will have to make do with what you’ve got available to clean up their school shoes. Our synthetic designs have great water-resistance, so if the only thing you have on hand is a wet tissue, then you will be able to wipe off most dirt, mud, or other messes without ruining the material in the process. The sleek surface of our shiniest school shoes makes it almost impossible for grime to cling on, so the moment you start scrubbing, it should fall away without much of a fight! 


That covers it!

Now that you know what Everflex’s accessories can do for your kids’ school shoes, why not give them a try? After all, everything in our range is affordable and offers excellent value for money. Have a browse of our accessories and shoes for yourself and see!