Does Your Teenager Work Part-time? These School Shoes Double As the Perfect Non-Slip Work Shoes!

Parents usually feel nostalgic when their teenagers start working part-time. Where have the years gone?

If your teenager works part-time and needs slip-resistant work shoes, you can check out the selection of school shoes that double as perfect.

Many brands offer black options suitable for work; some may even have non-slip features. If you love a particular brand or style, recommend it to your teenager for their part-time job.

Or, moreover, if you're in Australia, Everflex is always available to you, with vast collections that equate to other brands and cater to the needs of teens and young adults.

You flash back to when you first started buying academic footwear for your child to wear in their classes, and now you need to find a slip-resistant work shoe that can protect them at work and school.

Of course, it’s best to find footwear that your child can wear to both places so they don’t have to bring an extra pair to change into. And where can you find slip-resistant work shoes that work for both of their responsibilities?

At Everflex, of course!

While Everflex has several styles of school footwear that will fit your child and have characteristics that will keep them safe and steady, you might be interested in checking out the brand’s collection of slip-resistant work shoes.

Every style comes in black, so they’re automatically acceptable and within the school uniform requirements.

The team will explain why non-slip shoes are essential for your child’s part-time work, especially when faced with slippery surfaces. After which, we’ll explain how Everflex slip-resistant work shoes keep your child safe and protected. Let’s start!


Why Wear Non-Slip Shoes? 

Where does your child work? Teenagers usually work part-time at restaurants, cafes, hotels, and theme parks.

All these businesses fall under the hospitality industry, which requires workers to wear work shoes for their own safety and that of their co-workers.

Even if your child works part-time, they should still follow the rules since accidents can happen in these workplaces. For instance, cafes and restaurants are busy places where servers rush around while carrying trays of food and beverages.

The risk of spillage, food and drink alike, is high, which can cause people to slip and fall. Therefore, your child needs protection from broken dishes and spilt drinks via work shoes.

Meanwhile, hotel workers are always rushing about as they try to provide service promptly. As a result, you’ll find bellhops pushing carts of heavy luggage on slippery surfaces, which can be hazardous without non-slip shoes.

If your child works at a theme park, they likely need to swerve through a crowd of people in a zigzag and lateral direction, which can cause many twisted ankles.

All the effects of not wearing non-slip shoes are costly—monetary, physical, and emotional. We don’t want that to happen to your child, so get them a pair of Everflex non-slip shoes, a more affordable alternative to preventing slip and trip accidents.


How Can Everflex Help? 

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You can relax knowing that the store, Everflex, will do everything possible to protect your kid from the risks associated with their part-time job.

The worst thing that could happen to any parent is getting an emergency phone call telling them their child has had an accident. With Everflex non-slip footwear, everyone can sleep better at night. 

Aside from affordability, the store offers non-slip footwear that looks good, is comfortable, and matches school uniforms well. As a result, your child can participate in all their academic responsibilities safely and without a glitch.

After the last school bell, they can head directly to their part-time work and perform their tasks safely. So what non-slip footwear do you have that keeps your child protected? 

These five essential features save your child from accidental slips and trips. Let’s go through each in detail.


1. Slip-resistant sole 

When finding slip-resistant footwear for your teenager's part-time job, it's essential to check for features like a slip-resistant sole. In addition, some shoe brands offer black options that are suitable for work and stylish and comfortable for school wear.

It's important to recommend shoes with a slip-resistant sole to your teenager to ensure their safety on the job.

The slip-resistant sole is in charge of keeping your child steady and stable amid liquid spillages.

When you turn Everflex non-slip shoes over, you will notice groove patterns that create friction against slippery surfaces. The treads can be circles, hexagons, or squiggles, letting fluids flow through.

Because the fluids don’t stay underneath your child’s non-slip shoes, they are safe from slipping. It would help if you chose treads with smaller spaces between them because this creates more friction than those farther apart.

The slip-resistant sole of their non-slip footwear will protect your child in cafes, restaurants, cafeterias, and toilets—where liquid spillage can harm them at work and school.


2. Oil-resistant outsole 

From the name, you’ll get that the oil-resistant outsole protects your child from hot oil spills. It is essential if your child works part-time in the kitchen, which can expose them to scalding oil.

Never take burns lightly, especially from cooking oil. If oil spills or splashes happen, the oil-resistant outsole will stop the oil from seeping through the material of their non-slip footwear. As a result, it will keep their feet safe from any burns.


3. Commercial grade non-marking rubber outsole 

If you're looking for school shoes that can double as non-slip work shoes, similar to  Skechers, Everflex is the brand for you, women, and kids, including boots that feature a commercial-grade non-marking rubber outsole.

This feature ensures the shoes will provide the necessary traction for your teenager's part-time job.

You may have heard of commercial-grade, non-marking rubber outsoles if you're into indoor sports.

Badminton, volleyball, and other indoor sports players need footwear with this feature to keep them from twisting their feet as they move laterally and make quick direction changes. Plus, these soles don’t leave any marks on sensitive flooring.

As such, Everflex non-slip shoes are essential for your child’s part-time work in hotels and theme parks, where they need to move through crowds and walk on shiny floors.

Their job will require them to move swiftly and avoid people, which can cause them to lose their footing and twist their ankles.

With these non-slip shoes on their feet, they will be safe from accidents at work and in the hallways at school, where they need to avoid a crowd of fellow students while being comfortable with their movement.


4. Heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support

Your child will be participating in activities that may have a high impact, whether in school or at work. Jumping, running, and brisk walking can cause pain and extra pressure.

With the heel impact cushioning available, they will get the support they need to absorb intense shock.


5. Flexible and padded innersole for all-day comfort 

Standing and walking for more than 12 hours straight from class to their part-time work can take a toll on your child. Once they become uncomfortable, it can affect their performance.

So it’s good that the stock of Everflex non-slip shoes has flexible and padded innersoles, which leave them comfortable and cosy as they go through their responsibilities at school and work.


Prevention is Better Than Cure!

Why wait until the last minute to protect your child when you can get them non-slip shoes now? Prevention is better than cure, so head to the nearest Everflex retailer or online store!

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