Do’s and Don’ts of Shopping for Kid’s School Shoes

Are you planning on going to do kid's school shoes shopping soon? But you do not know what things to look out for when shopping. Well, you have come to the right place. The team at Everflex knows the ins and outs of shopping for kids school shoes, so you are in good hands.


There are many things to keep in mind when shopping for your children's next pair of kid's school shoes, and it can feel overwhelming at times when you try to remember them all. That is why we are here to help. You can find all of the dos and don'ts of shopping for kid's school shoes right here in this article. 


Finding the perfect pair of footwear for your children is a challenge in itself, so any helpful tips will work correctly and make the kid's school shoe shopping process much smoother. Everflex has conjured up a few tips and tricks on what you should and should not do during this shopping experience. 


Take a read below and close checkout what you can keep an eye out for on your next trip to the shops! 



  • Get Your Child's Feet Professionally Measured


One of the best things you could do when shopping at the brands shop for your child's new pair of kids school shoes is to get their feet professionally measured. This step can get implemented during a visit in-store, and one of the professionals there can assist with trying on some footwear. 


The tools used to measure your child's feet are worth spending some time with because they give you the most accurate sizing available. By professionally measuring your child's foot size, you can ensure that their new pair of kid's school shoes will fit them perfectly. 


The way the footwear fits is necessary to consider because if there are any issues with the sizing, it can affect how your child's feet grow. Obtaining the right size of kid's school shoes, especially for gender boys, will help your child feel more comfortable throughout the day and let them easily learn and play. 


You will find plenty of benefits when it comes to getting your child's feet measured by a professional. 


  • Bring Your Child Along


One thing you can do when shopping at your favourite fusion brands store for a kid's school shoes is to bring your child along as well. This process may be unattainable due to many different circumstances. 


One of these can include the fact that children may become distressed quite quickly. If your child is prone to not sitting still for a long time or likes to always be up on their feet, then taking the kid's school shoes shopping can seem challenging.


One way to avoid this is by planning a set day where you can go to the shops with your child and make sure that it is the only destination you attend. This way, you and your child can quickly and efficiently buy a new pair of kid's school shoes without any fussing about it. 


Bringing your child along to buy a new pair of kid's school shoes is also beneficial regarding choosing a style of footwear. Your child may not like some of the kid's school shoes on offer. This makes it easy for you to buy the wrong style if they are not there with you in-store. Avoid any tantrums and tears from occurring, and bring your child to the kid's school shoe shopping experience. 


  • Buy the Right Size and Style for Your Child 


When shopping for a kid's school shoes, parents must do one thing to purchase the right size and style. This tip is a necessary step in the shopping experience. You will find that investing in the correct size of kid's school shoes is beneficial for your child. 


Parents are encouraged to buy a pair of kid's school shoes that fits their child perfectly and has a bit of wiggle room for any growth. Purchasing the right size of kid's school shoes may seem silly at first because children do grow so much, but it is better to start at the correct size first. 


This tip is due to problems with their growth if they wear the wrong sized or slightly longer footwear. Investing in the right style of footwear for your child is also necessary. Every child wants to feel confident and happy in their kid's school shoes. 


So, if you make the correct investment, then there will be no tears. It can seem challenging to find the right style of kicks, so it is best to ask your child before you purchase anything. They might want to match with their friends or get footwear that shows their unique fashion sense. 



  • Buy a Size Too Big


There are a few things to look out for when buying some new kids' school shoes. One of them is to never get footwear in a couple of sizes bigger than their current foot size ( like 5.5, 6.5 or 6.5 7.5). This is a major thing to avoid when shopping for kids' school shoes, and we are here to tell you why. It is common for parents to think that buying two sizes too big footwear will be beneficial in the long run. However, this is not the case. 


Buying bigger kids' school shoes can affect your child's growth and can also impact their walk. Both of these aspects are not what any child or parent wants to go through. 


Wearing bigger than usual footwear can also promote a quicker deterioration of the school shoes, which is not helpful for your kid's. Gaping from the sides can loosen the material much quicker and can lead to holes in the footwear. 


All of these things can get avoided just by investing in a pair of kid's school shoes that fit well on your child's feet. 


  • Ignore Uniform Guidelines 


One thing to avoid when you buy some new kid's school shoes is to ignore any uniform guidelines you have been provided with. These guidelines are in place to ensure the educational environment appears as a united community. 


Some parents invest in their new styles of school shoes that do not line up with the given guidelines. This tip can be due to parents forgetting about the guidelines or just buying a pair of kid's school shoes that look similar to the required kicks. 


It is an honest mistake but not one to worry about. The best thing to do is ensure that your child provides you with the list of uniform guidelines before shopping for kid's school shoes. You can also check the educational institute website for guidelines or email the teachers for any updates. 


  • Don't Forget Accessories


One thing you should not do is forget about accessories! For all customer, creating a list of what to buy, accessories should always include. These may not seem necessary to begin with, but trust us, they are must-have items to get your hands on. 


Accessories for kid's school shoes can look like a pair of innersoles or spare socks and laces. These will come in handy on a day you least expect them to. The laces and socks are the first to get exposed to any wear and tear, so having backup items will help you and your child out.   


If their kid's school shoes are quite uncomfortable in the first few weeks of wearing them, you can easily place some innersoles on the inside of these kicks for extra support and comfort. You can never go wrong with a few accessories in the cupboard. So, subscribe to fusion rewards to avail some accessories they offer.


Do you feel ready to take on the challenge?


If our tips have got you feeling ready to go shopping for kid's school shoes, then take that as your sign to get up and go! You and your child will benefit from this shopping process from our menu shop, and their pair of kid's school shoes will look shiny and new, ready to start the term.  


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