Consider This When Purchasing School Shoes

The search for the perfect pair of school shoes is challenging if you don’t know the critical features to check. Parents whose children are about to start their academic life have much to consider, including their uniforms and footwear. Besides shopping for bags, notebooks, lunchboxes, and water bottles, parents must find the right school shoes to ensure their children’s performance and learning experience.

Your quest ends here at Everflex. The reputable brand has provided school shoes for years and knows them like the back of its hand. Aside from curating a stylish, classic collection that complies with uniform requirements, the brand has accessories like socks and laces, which ensure you don’t have to look for them elsewhere.

What makes Everflex school shoes a prime choice?

Besides making it easy for parents, especially those shopping for academic footwear for the first time, all the options tick all the necessary considerations. Do you want to get a rundown of the essential features to check when purchasing school shoes?

If yes, our Everflex team has prepared one for you. Please read on to learn more!


Step 1—Consider the Timing


Shopping for school shoes requires planning and perfect timing because you need to factor in your child’s mood and the size of their feet. Your child’s daily movements, like standing, walking, running, and jumping, contribute to the swelling of their feet. So, the best time to shop for school shoes is at the end of the day, in the afternoon, when their feet are at their maximum size.

We know how tempting it is to get this task out of the way early in the day, but it’s best to wait it out so you can account for the growth. Also, avoid the weekend when scheduling your shopping trip because the crowds and long lines can hassle you. These factors can stress your child or irritate them, and you want them to be stress-free and patient while trying on different kinds of school shoes.


Step 2—Consider the Features


You must check if the school shoes have all the necessary features to keep your child comfortable and supported. While there are several things to remember, parents will know them by heart in no time, especially since they will do this several times. Here are some of the critical ones:



  • Right Fit


Never force your child to wear school shoes of the wrong size because it can affect their foot health and development. Get the correct measurements by taking the length and width of each foot separately. Enlist the help of professionals like podiatrists and trained staff for more perfectly fitting school shoes.  



  • Spacious Toe Room


Choose school shoes with round or squared shapes so your child’s toes have enough room to spread naturally. Besides keeping them pain-free, a spacious toe room is ideal for their balance and stability. Moreover, ensure a 1cm gap between the tips of the school shoes and their longest toe. Since your child undergoes growth spurts frequently, check every 4–8 weeks if the space is still there; replace the school shoes immediately if the gap is gone. 



  • Adjustable


As mentioned earlier, the child’s feet swell during the day, so their needs change. Their school shoes must be adjustable to loosen the fit as needed. With fastenings, your child can control how tight their footwear is. Fastenings like touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces secure the school shoes and allow students to change the fit. Your child must learn the necessary skills to close each one independently. 



  • Breathable


Your active child will run and play whenever they have free time, which, when combined with warm weather, can cause them to sweat. The best way to avoid moisture is to select options that allow air to circulate because this will keep their feet well-ventilated. Look for school shoes with open-top designs or those that use breathable materials.



  • Durable


Aside from breathable materials, check for durable ones that withstand wear and tear and the natural elements. Leather or vegan-friendly school shoes can endure harsh conditions, ensuring they won’t break at the first sign of duress. Looking for long-lasting footwear is essential because you don’t want it to break during gameplay, which can cause accidents. 



  • Stable


Check the soles of the school shoes for grooves or treads. These things ensure that the footwear has traction to keep your child steady and stable, especially if they love playing outside, where the ground is soft, wet, or uneven.


Step 3—Consider the Price


Parents must find school shoes that tick all the features and are within budget. It’s not wise to spend so much on expensive footwear that the child can outgrow every few weeks once growth spurts happen. At the same time, do not settle for cheaper second-hand alternatives that will only harm your child.

Some parents opt for used school shoes because they are more affordable. But doing so can have foot health repercussions. What if the previous owner had an infection and would unknowingly pass it on to your child? It’s best to look for excellent brands that can provide your child with premium school shoes at an affordable price. There’s no need to break the bank when one brand offers all the necessary features to make your child’s learning experience the best: Everflex!


Step 4—Consider Everflex


Everflex is a reputable brand that provides students with excellent school shoes. Each style option complies with uniform requirements and boosts your child’s confidence. When students wear classic styles that their peers and classmates approve of, their self-esteem improves, which propels them to join groups and participate more.

Our collection of school shoes, such as pull-on boots, Mary Jane, double straps, T-Bar, lace-ups, and sneakers, has been making students trendy and comfortable. These options are versatile, making them the perfect footwear for weekend outings.

Browse our wide selection of durable school shoes—boys and girls will love them because of our fashion and functionality. Quickly compare features and pricing from popular brands like Nike, Asics, Harrison, and more with our clear filters and quick-view option. In addition to many benefits, including a 10% discount on your first purchase, creating an account will allow you to receive updates when your preferred items are back in stock. Everflex are great shoes to get if you need new ones for school.

More importantly, the brand’s flexible payment systems allow parents to purchase now and pay in instalments later. This way, they have a budget to pay for other academic needs.


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